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Retro Is Back and It’s Here to Stay

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The amazing “circle of life” when it comes to design trends made the lovely retro style the epitome of modern interior design. What’s more, it seems that some of the retro-inspired statement pieces have earned the title of a timeless look. If you really enjoy this type of interior design and décor, you too can apply some of the tips and tricks, and get the nostalgic home look that you desire. Take a look at the following points and you just might find an idea that could help you start the redesigning process.

1. Bold, colorful and bright walls

Burst of color is definitely the main characteristic of a retro design. And, the best, easiest and most effective way to get the redesign started is wall transformation. Accent walls are perfectly fine for those of you who don’t want to paint over every single wall in the room. However, the most efficient way in getting those bold patterns and bright colors is using self-adhesive wallpaper. You can effortlessly apply it and remove it on your own. Moreover, your wall décor should match the ongoing theme. Neon signs, vintage music records, old movie posters and classic Andy Warhol-style paintings are a must for a true retro environment.

2. Jazz up the furniture

Retro style of furniture is more than evident when you look at inspirational pictures online or in magazines. However, not everyone can simply get rid of their old furniture and buy new pieces that have circular and/or curvy lines as well as bold fabric patterns. On the other hand, you could visit some local flea markets, vintage shops, and garage sales. Moreover, you can reupholster your regular furniture with bright, colorful and patterned fabrics that would match the retro vibe perfectly. DIYs are the key to money saving and home transformation.

3. Statement details

Apart from your wall décor, you can introduce the touch of retro into your home with effective statement details. This is especially suitable for homeowners that don’t want to add a splash of color-craze to their every wall. Bold pieces of furniture have been already mentioned. However, you can play with other details as well. Sleek yet strong forms of plant pots make a perfect addition to your retro home. Interesting statement statues are also making a comeback. Use colorful cushion covers, rugs and curtains. Tablecloths are also a great match for this look. In the end, one of the softer yet equally popular retro designs involves a pastel theme with bright pops of color.

4. Suitable lighting

Lighting solutions can play a big part in your home redesign, especially when you’re going all retro. In general, really bold yet very sleek industrial-style lamps are perfect for a modern take on retro interior. On the other hand, you can use your lamps as the main statement detail in the room. What’s more, one of the equally popular options includes basic floor lamps with bright shades. You can also play with chandeliers. The quirkier these are, the better. You can easily find plenty of DIYs for lighting solutions on the Internet, but you could also shop for matching lighting online – thanks to the style’s amazing popularity, retro lamps and lights are very easy to find.

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The color bomb that is retro style offers enough detail and décor already. In that respect, there is no room for clutter and trinkets all over. If you’re starting a new home design project, make sure to declutter your home along the way. KonMari method can be really helpful, so make sure to check it out. Enjoy the color, the vibrancy, the boldness and functionality above all else – that way, you’ll effectively achieve the timeless retro look that’s been all the talk in recent design trends.

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