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Sara is the founder and creative force behind the blog Twelve On Main, where her main goal is to inspire others to DIY for themselves. She is inspired by her 4 children and the simple farmhouse lifestyle they have created in the quaint town in the mountains of Southern Utah. She started her blog only 1 year ago, and has had an incredible following thus far in her career. In addition to raising her children with her husband, she works with him in their family business, and in her free time, can most often be found working on a new project or creating beautiful spaces for herself or others.

Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

Are you a fan of spring décor but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money decorating and freshening up your space for spring?  Well, I am exactly the same.  I love to freshen things up, but I really don’t want to decorate in such a specific way that I can only use it for a short period of time.  So, I want to talk about a few ways you can bring spring into your home easily that will last.

I think it is important to decorate in a way that will last.  I tend to shy away from specific items that dictate the season you are in.  For spring, that would include eggs and bunnies, and even possibly floral covered pillows etc.

Now, I am not saying that I am not a fan of them, I just use them sparingly so that when spring moves into summer, I don’t have to eliminate a lot of décor.

Here are some elements I find perfect to incorporate in the springtime.


I am actually a fan of simple, neutral spaces, but in the spring, I love adding a few pops of color.  The colors I lean toward the most would have to be green and blue.  I recently updated my entryway for spring, and focused on adding some green accents, that read fresh and spring like, but weren’t an obvious nod to the season.

I added touches of green with a pillow and a custom piece of artwork by me!  I also included one in my living room.

There is no reason why you could not carry these colors into summer and fall.  They are consistently great colors to decorate with.


Using greenery in your spring décor can freshen up your space without giving it away that it is spring.  As you can tell, I am not a fan of having spring throw up in my home.  I think carefully selecting items that can create a fresh space without overloading it is important.

Adding greenery is an excellent way to add spring without overloading it.  I love to use boxwood wreaths, faux potted plants, and occasionally I will use faux flowers, but that is a rare occasion.

Paint Your Front Door

Now hear me out, I often find that after a long winter, the best way to freshen up your home is to give your front door a quick coat of paint.  This can be a very quick and inexpensive project.

To my husband’s dismay, he often comes home to a new door color. Its just the way I am.  Let this season give you the motivation to paint that door and create a beautiful first impression in your home.

Pillow Covers

I find pillow covers to be a really great way to add some spring décor without breaking the bank.  You can find so many great options online these days.  You can even make your own out of your favorite fabric, or even use a drop cloth!  Drop cloths are my favorite fabric to use for curtains and pillow covers.

I found this adorable dog pillow at Tj Maxx and the colors were perfect for my spring inspired space.  And it’s a bit whimsical , which I am a fan of as well.

As you can see, there are some very easy ways to add spring to your home without going overboard and breaking the bank.  I think that these elements that I have added will blend seamlessly into summer, and I may only want to add a few different décor pieces then.  But, these ideas are timeless and will last.

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Tips to Keep Open Shelves In the Kitchen

Hey there all, its Sara from Twelve On Main.  I am super excited to talk about something I love today.  Open shelves.  I am a huge fan of open shelves in the kitchen.  I myself have recently remodeled my kitchen to incorporate some open shelving.  And guess what?  I absolutely love them.

There are so many things about open shelves in the kitchen that are positives in my opinion.  One of the biggest ones is accessibility.  Not having those cupboard doors on the fronts makes cleaning and unloading dishes from the dishwasher so much easier.  I have 4 kids, and they all have chores, and unloading the dishwasher is one of them.  When they put things away on the open shelves, they take care, because they know they will be seen.  When they put things away in the hidden cupboards, they are careless and messy, because hey, there’s a door to hide it all.

There is also the accessibility of spices and other items that I keep on my open shelves.

Everything is right at hand, and by setting up the shelves in terms of functionality as well as beauty, you can be so very happy with them.

I know many people are concerned with the functionality of open shelves in the kitchen and how they do in terms of dust and grease collection.  Well, after having them in my kitchen for over 1 year, I am here to give you a few tips on how to keep them clean and organized all the time.

After living with open shelves in the kitchen for a while there are a few things I would recommend if you are interested in adding some to your kitchen.

First, keep your most often used items on your open shelves.

The secret to keeping the dust collection at bay is to use the items often.  We keep our nice white dinnerware on our open shelves, as well as serving bowls and trays.  We use them daily.  We are often using the serving bowls for mixing up pancake batter or scrambled eggs.  Having 4 kids in a small town means that you do a lot of cooking at home.

By regularly rotating the use of the items on the shelves, you lessen the effect of dust or grease.

Now, let's talk about grease.  After more than a year of open shelves, and using a 48-inch commercial stove, I can be the first to say that grease is not that big of an issue.  I can only find one spot on my first set of shelves where I have found some.  This shelf is where I store my spices so it's an easy wipe away.  And since we are constantly using our spices, they are constantly getting wiped down and used so the build-up is minimal.

Now, we also have a few shelves which we have more decorative items on them.  We have some pitchers and other containers that are used on these shelves.  I will take these shelves approximately quarterly, wipe down and wash anything that may need some attention.  Honestly though, with the amount of decorating and styling I do for holidays and seasons, things are moved around enough that once again the build-up of dust is minimal.

I think the biggest thing you can learn if you decided to have open shelves in the kitchen is to use them all the time.  Don’t just decorate them with pretty objects and never use them.  They are a very usable part of your kitchen and can be a very convenient way to store your beautiful kitchen items.

I hope that if you are thinking of installing open shelves in your kitchen that you will give it some thought. I find them a wonderful addition to my kitchen and find that the benefits greatly outweigh the risk.

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Valentines Day Wreath

Do you decorate for Valentines Day?  Or do you find it too much of a chore?  I find myself being a little of both.  I find that I drag my feet a bit when I think about decorating for Valentines Day.  I don’t know if its because I am worn out from decorating for Christmas and winter, but I just don’t want to spend more time decorating for another holiday.

However, I still find myself getting festive.  There are many ways to add a little bit of Valentines décor to your home without spending a lot of time and energy doing so. Today I want to show you how I took a simple wreath, that can be used year round, and added some Valentines swag.

What’s great about this is that it can easily be disassembled once Valentines is over and reused the next year.

You will need:

  • Evergreen or Grapevine wreath base

  • Ticking stripe fabric or any of your favorites

  • Hot glue gun

  • Twine

So, to start, I cut out 3 different sized hearts out of my ticking fabric.  I just hand drew these, as they do not need to be perfect.

I double over the fabric so there would be 2 cutouts of each heart.  I took one of the hearts and glued a piece of twine right to the middle of the heart.

I then ran hot glue around the edge of one side.  I then applied the other heart to the top, pressing the edges together. Continue gluing around the edge but leave a small opening.

I the stuffed the heart with a little bit of pillow stuffing.  Now its time to close up the opening with more hot glue.  Repeat this for the other hearts

How cute are those little stuffed hearts? Once they are all done, you can use creative license to hang them where you want.  I wanted mine to hang together like a swag.

*Hint:  Using three of one item is more balancing in home décor.  That is why I chose 3 hearts.*

I took the hearts and staggered their lengths and then tied them to the Evergreen wreath.  I then hung it in my entryway.  I always try to at least add something there, that way it can greet those people visiting my home.

This may seem really simple, because it is!

Decorating for Valentine's Day does not need to take up all your time.  Spend that time loving those around you, and take a 30-minute break to make a super cute Valentines wreath that you are sure to love!

This is my favorite kind of Valentines décor.  It is simple and understated and works so very well with the rest of my home décor. Why not try one for yourself!

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Kitchen Faucets That Are So Hot Right Now

Ah, I love a good faucet.  I think choosing the right faucet for your kitchen can make or break the whole space.  Imagine a carefully curated kitchen with just the perfect accessories and then you add a plain jane, run of the mill, stock faucet.

These days there are a few specific style faucets that are in the limelight.  They are getting all the love, and for good reason.  My absolute favorite faucet right now is the bridge style faucet.

Here is a good example of this style of faucet.  You will notice the delicate curves of the faucet, and that the entire faucet is raised above the countertop, only to be connected to the counter where the faucet handles connect with the water.  They are connected with a “bridge”.  I love this style of faucet, and in fact, I have a copper bridge faucet in my own kitchen.

Here are a few more examples of bridge faucets:

The next style of faucet is actually another that I have in my house.  It is the wall mounted faucet.  I have these in my bathroom, but they are just as much of a showstopper when they are in the kitchen.  Here is a picture of the wall mounted faucet in my bathroom.

Now let's check them out in the kitchen:

Here is a modern take on the wall mounted faucet.  Love that Caesarstone countertop on the island and how it waterfalls over the edge. 

I still consider this a wall mount faucet, even though it is mounted to the sink.  I love this look.

This oil rubbed bronze wall mounted faucet is a show stopper!

The next style of kitchen faucet is more of a minimalist and modern style. The high arc style kitchen faucet makes cleaning and prepping in the kitchen a breeze. Check out this gold faucet.

These chrome high arc faucets are also a strong contender.  Their sleek and contemporary design combined with some industrial elements allow them to be paired with many different kitchen styles.

In addition to this high arc style, there are also some finishes that are really popular right now.  Consider gold, brass, and copper (yes it’s still a thing). Here are a few examples:

Gold Faucet:

Gold faucets have made a big name for themselves recently.  There has been an increase in popularity, and I have to say I am a fan of them.

Brushed brass faucet:

Don’t think of that old-fashioned brass your grandma had in her house.  Think modern and sleek brushed brass.  Keep it simple.

Copper Faucet:

I have a copper faucet in my home, which I love.  It is basically the jewel of the kitchen.  The secret is to keep it simple.  Don’t turn everything else into copper or gold, mix metals, and other finishes.

If you are looking to update your kitchen faucet and want to make an impact, consider these design options.  You cannot go wrong. While they are so very hot right now, they also carry a timeless look that will hold for years.

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Drool-Worthy Christmas Kitchens and Winter-Warm Countertops

Photo by Epic Group Ohio

Do you decorate your kitchen for the holidays?  I like to add a few simple elements to my kitchen just to add a festive touch.  I am always looking for inspiration and have found 10 really pretty kitchens decorated for Christmas.

Some of these kitchens are decorated simply and others are more elaborate. Whatever your style, you are sure to find one that you are drawn to.

And speaking of kitchens you are drawn to, are you looking to remodel your kitchen?  I found the coolest program on Caesarstone’s website.  They have a site where you can create your own kitchen moodboard to design your own dream kitchen.  Let me just say that I have had so much fun doing this and I have created about a million different options.

But before we get to that, let’s look at some really pretty kitchens decorated for Christmas!

First off, check out this amazing kitchen and that showstopper green stove!  I mean, come on.  How perfect is that for Christmas?  Add in a few simple Christmas touches such as wreaths and some green and red.

This kitchen looks beautiful with its rustic black cabinets and mismatched wood island.  The simple Christmas décor is the perfect addition to this space.

I am a big fan of open shelves in the kitchen, and this kitchen pulls them off well.  I love the simple red wreath, touches of greenery, and other simple Christmas touches.  There seems to be a theme going on don’t you agree?  Simple is great!

Now if you are into more elaborate Christmas décor in the kitchen, this one is for you.  Its got some adorable Christmas décor.  Who could not get into the holiday spirit in this kitchen?

Here is another quaint kitchen full of Christmas décor.  I love the small tree in the room!  There are so many small details that add so much to the space.

This kitchen has a more vintage feel, especially with that turquoise stove!  The small Christmas tree is really all the décor you need!

This last kitchen is really cool.  I love the collection of nutcrackers above the stove.  Such a great addition of Christmas décor.

Now, for a little more fun.  Have you ever played with or created a moodboard?  As a design blogger, it is one of my most favorite things to create.  Caesarstone recently collaborated with Sabrina Soto to create moodboards inspired by their 10 winter-warm countertops.  You too can go over to this website and create your own.  This is a great way to get inspired if you are looking to remodel a kitchen or are just starting out and want to create a brand new kitchen.

Here are a few of my moodboards.

As you can see I am a huge fan of vintage patterned rugs.  I added a few Christmas touches to the moodboards too.  I am absolutely obsessed with the countertop options and would love to install some of these in my kitchen.  These moodbards are super easy to make, just drag and drop the items you love!

Now here where it gets really exciting.  Celebrate the holidays, and a renovation, with Caesarstone. Purchase one of their ten winter-warm colors between now and December 31, 2017 and receive $150 to Houzz by simply sharing a picture of your receipt and an image of your installed countertop.  Click here to read more about this opportunity.

So, have you been inspired to decorate your kitchen for the holidays?  Or are you ready to design the kitchen of your dreams?  Why not get at it!

Have a great day!

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DIY Holiday Wreath

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us?  Well, I don’t know about you but I am so very excited!  I love the holidays, and I really love decorating for them.  Today I wanted to show you an easy and inexpensive way to create your own farmhouse style holiday wreath!

We often find ourselves spending a ton of money on wreaths when the reality is you can create pretty great ones on your own with hardly any tools, and much less money.

Here is what you will need:

  • Vine wreath form

  • Faux boxwood, pine, or cedar branches

  • Hot glue

  • Wire cutters

I didn’t want to create a huge wreath so I stuck with a 10-inch vine wreath form.  You want to start by cutting the branches of boxwood, pine, or cedar.

I then took off some of the extra pieces so that all the branches were even and similar in size.  Don’t worry though, you will use these pieces as well.

Now you want to start putting the pieces into the wreath.  The reason I chose to use a vine wreath form is because the form has little cracks that the branches will fit snuggly into.  It is also organic and looks pretty great just on its own.

You want to start by inserting one of the branches into the wreath form.  Once that is in place, you want to repeat this step, spacing them out a few inches since they will overlap a bit.

Try to find a tight spot where they can be inserted so that they stay snug.  If you can’t find a spot, you can use some hot glue to secure it into a larger space.

Once you have gone completely around the wreath, you want to take the extra pieces and use them to fill in any empty spaces.  I used the hot glue gun to secure these since they are small.

Now that your wreath is done, you can add more embellishment to it, but in true farmhouse style, simple is best!  I used a piece of plaid fabric to hang it.  Just tied it in a knot and it was good to go.

Can you believe that making a holiday wreath is that easy?  And this cost me less than 10 dollars!  If you can find the supplies on sale, you are looking at even less!  Not bad for some holiday décor when you have much more important things to spend your hard-earned money.

I hope you try this out!  They really add so much to your décor.

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5 Ways To Style Your Coffee Table For Fall

Decorating for fall is one of my favorite things to do, except maybe decorate for Christmas!  Hi I am Sara from Twelve On Main and am excited to be sharing here today!  Sometimes decorating for the holidays can seem daunting.  And there is always one space in my house that can be difficult to decide what to do.  So, I have 5 different ways to style a coffee table for fall.

I love styling my coffee tables and change them quite often.  So, I thought I would spend a little time at home showing you how easy it is to switch them out. All you need are a few staple items that can be used throughout the year (no matter the season) and some season- specific items.

I like to have a collection of items in my home that make decorating a coffee table easy:

  • Books

  • Vases

  • Antlers

  • Blanket

  • Trays/bowls

These are some staple items that I always have in my home and use in different places throughout the year. They make it much easier to decorate a coffee table anytime.

I definitely lean towards a more rustic/farmhouse feel in my home, and am going to use my round DIY wire spool coffee table as the base.

This first way I decorate my coffee table for fall is with some books, white pitchers, and DIY white velvet pumpkins.  Using books on a coffee table just make sense.  I love using books in my décor and if you flip them with the spines of the books on the inside, the edges of the book create a very interesting look. I added one of my found deer antlers as well.

My second fall coffee table is all about sunflowers, white pumpkins, and an easy DIY reversible sign.  Once again I used some books to add height to the pumpkins. And again threw in that deer antler, because let’s get real.  They just look cool!

My third coffee table is all about pumpkins.  I used my antique dough bowl as a landing place for all those pumpkins.  Using real or fake pumpkins is totally up to you.  I have found that I really like using faux pumpkins, especially if real ones aren’t available yet.

I also added a plaid blanket draped to the side and that trusty old deer antler.  I tell you, they work with almost any arrangement!

My last two fall coffee table ideas are simple- which is what I love.  What about a pile of books, topped with a few simple apples?  Apples are so very fall since this is when the harvest happens.

My last way to decorate a coffee table for fall is super simple.  I love this faux farmhouse scale, and by simply adding some velvet pumpkins to the top, I have created a simple fall coffee table.  Do you spy my little (big) pup hanging out?  I can’t get away from him very much.  He likes to be right where we always are.

So, did you find some new inspiration when it comes to decorating your coffee table for fall?  My biggest advice when styling a coffee table or anything else is to keep it simple.  Don’t overwhelm yourself and shop your house to find some really great options.

I hope you enjoy the rest of fall!

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Chic Halloween Decor

If you are one of those that loved Halloween but doesn’t necessarily love decorating for it, then this post is for you! Hi there, its Sara from Twelve On Main.  I love Halloween, especially since I had children of my own.  It has brought a whole new excitement to the holiday.  But…..I love to keep my home beautiful, chic, and stylish.  I will dare to say that these two things don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  Halloween is a really fun holiday to decorate for, if you like all the scary and spooky decorations.  But, there are ways to create chic Halloween décor that keeps you festive for the holiday.

I have 5 chic ways to decorate for Halloween today that are great ways to decorate for Halloween without compromising your aesthetic.

A few tips that I would offer to create a chic Halloween space is to keep it simple, add neutral colors, as well as focus on one object being the focal point and keeping the colors to a minimum.  Say you add a few black bats hanging from your front door, or some simple black pumpkins to a table.  They can look chic while being simple and festive.

The first chic way to decorate your home for Halloween is with a simple, yet appropriate themed wreath.  Last year, I did not want to decorate for Halloween like I had in the past, and my kids started to complain!  So, I whipped up a quick wreath that blended seamlessly into my outdoor décor.  I made this grapevine wreath, with dollar store crows.   Check out the full tutorial here.

My friend Kathy from Up To Date Interiors has some really great chic Halloween décor ideas, and here is one example.  I love these simple black pumpkins sitting atop some chic candlesticks.  It had that Halloween vibe without going completely crazy with the Halloween décor.

SOURCE: Up to Date Interiors

SOURCE: Up to Date Interiors

Now, check out this gorgeous fall entry complete with white pumpkins, simple black tree branches, and bats!  I love the way they all contrast against the black console.  It is a great way to create chic Halloween décor.

How about this chic black pom pom garland?  It would be a great addition to your Halloween décor, without screaming ITS HALLOWEEN!  I love it, and I think I may just have to make some! My friend Kathy at Up to Date Interiors has done it again with this pom pom Halloween décor.

The last example of chic Halloween décor that I wanted to show you was this home bombarded with pumpkins. Using one material, the pumpkins, and keeping them as the focal point, it created a chic outdoor space. They have presence and are such a fun Halloween addition. I think that if I came across this home I would just have to stop and say Hi!


So, if you are looking for some really chic ways to decorate your home for Halloween, try a few of these out and be the talk of the neighborhood!  People are sure to take notice.  Have a great day!

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How To Style A Late Summer Mantel

Hey there, it's Sara from Twelve On Main.  I am excited to be here today to talk all about late summer mantels!

Well, guess what?  I am going to say it.  Summer is getting ready to say her goodbyes, at least where I live it is.  Our fall starts as soon as September.  But, if you are like me, you want to get the most out of the rest of those lovely late summer days.  Why not change up your décor a bit too?  Today I want to show you how to style a late summer mantel.

Why would you want to style a late summer mantel? Well, it is a great way to transition your space to fall without adding a ton of fall décor.  It is also a great way to introduce some fall décor elements without creating that fall feel.

When I am getting ready to decorate for late summer there are a few things that I like to include:

  1. Sunflowers, or other late summer flowers. They are blooming all around my house right now so why not take advantage!

  2. Wooden elements

  3. Antlers

  4. Candles

These are not hard and fast rules, but adding just a few of these to your décor will add a touch of warmth as well as some texture to your space.

There are a few things to think about when styling any mantel.  I like to add something tall near the center.  Once that piece is in place (this would be my antique day bed headboard and LAKE sign) I like to add items along both sides that will balance each other out.  I rarely use the exact piece on both sides, which you can do.  I like to add something large on one side, and then balance it with maybe 1 medium 1 small or 2 medium items.

I used 1 large crock on one side, and 2 smaller pitchers on the other side.

Here is how I used these items to style my summer mantel.  I love adding fresh clippings of greenery.  I used lilac clippings in my farmhouse pitchers and crocks to add some fresh summer appeal, making sure to balance a number of clippings in each. What about that fun hat? I threw that up on a whim, but loved the way it looked!

Now, just by changing out a few things, I can style a late summer mantel with ease.

I took out the greenery, and replaced it with some faux and real sunflowers.  I loved the look of the different shades of sunflowers.

Next, I added a few wooden elements with some of my birch candlesticks.  The touch of raw wood definitely adds to the semi-late summer.

Last I added a deer antler to the front of the LAKE sign which I decided to keep, because I am just in love with it.  Plus deer antlers are indicative of the fall, so they can help transition your space.  You can use real or faux antlers and get the same effect.

See how simple that was?  It seriously only took me about 10 minutes to change things out!  I love my late summer mantel.  If you are looking for a great way to update your space, try adding a few of these elements and warm up in preparation for fall.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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7 Homes Decked Out For Summer

Summer is in full swing here at my house! Kids are out for summer break, warm weather had finally made its way to our town, and our garden is in full bloom. Hey there, it's Sara from Twelve On Main. As a full-time DIY and home décor blogger, I spend most of my days focused on creating beautiful spaces, building and coming up with fun new DIY ideas, and searching for inspiration. There is nothing I love more than being inspired by other people’s décor ideas. I love to see how people go about designing and decorating their home depending on the season. Summer is a great time to decorate your home and these 7 homes are ready for summer!

Transitioning from spring to summer can be quite simple, and these homes have done a great job getting their home ready for summer. Whether including patriotic décor is your summer go to, or light and bright is, you can create a summer oasis for yourself. Check out these homes decked out for spring and get some inspiration for your own home.

Check out these homes decked out for summer and get some inspiration for your own home.

I figured since I was talking all about summer homes, I would mention my own. On my blog Twelve On Main you can see my whole summer home tour, Part 1 and Part 2.

This home tour by Robb Restyle has me obsessed! The outdoor spaces are amazing. I love the fresh summer feel with bright colors and fun, cozy little spots to relax. You have to go check it all out.

Check out the coastal summer vibe going on over at The Honeycomb Home. Adding simple coastal touches is a great way to add summer to your home. Check out the full home tour!

How great is this little summer filled entry alcove by Green with Décor? The brighter, more bold colors are great for summer.

I am absolutely obsessed with this home tour by Kim Power Style. The soft blues and muted reds add a wonderful patriotic and summer feel to the light and bright couches. The addition of the nautical elements really adds a strong summer vibe. Check out the full tour!

What do you think of this adorable vignette by Pink Peppermint Design? Could there be anything more summer than this? That vintage doll is absolutely adorable. Proving once again that it is easy to update your home for the summer months.

I am obsessed with this flooring! This summer home tour by Bright Green Door is really great. It proves that it doesn’t take much to get your home ready for summer.

Whether you are looking for some summer inspiration for your own home décor, or just want to enjoy perusing through beautiful homes, check these out. Make sure you enjoy your summer!

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