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About Sheri

Sheri is a Product Manager and Bookkeeper for a Retail/Website company in Southern California. Prior to her current position she was a proud “stay-at-home mom” for 17 years for her two daughters and a volunteer for several non-profit organizations. Her recent purchase and remodel of a townhome offered new opportunities to explore interior design from demolition to completion. In her free time she enjoys walks with her dog, yoga, and tending her patio garden.

Insights from Sheri Adelman

The idea of remodeling my kitchen was daunting and “where do I even start?” was overwhelming. I spent hours that likely equated to days searching on the internet for the latest trends of a new kitchen.

I walked through specialty stores and big brand discount stores. I went to a tile store and stood there motionless not knowing what to look at first. It wasn’t until the demolition had an actual date and the remodel was actually going to start that I knew I had to figure things out - fast.

I had a moderate budget, a small space, and 6 weeks to get it all done. The real problem with this scenario was that I didn’t know what I wanted. However, I did know what I didn’t like. That was easy.  I was able to rule out everything that I didn’t want and I was left with 2 or 3 choices of what I did like. This approach enabled me to choose the cabinets, tile, appliances, and even the handles with ease.

The one part I knew from the very beginning was that I wanted to have Caesarstone countertops. I had admired my friend’s countertop in Frosty Carrina for years and always knew when the time came I would use Caesarstone for its durability, care-free cleaning, and designer look.

Color: Frosty Carrina

The big decision I had to make was “what color do I pick?”  With no interior design experience I had to rely on my own intuition. At first, I chose the light-colored Bianco Drift because it complemented the floor and the cabinets but then I saw Piatra Grey and realized that the darker color would provide the contrast I needed to achieve the “designer” look I wanted.

Color: Bianco Drift

Color: Piatra Grey

I definitely made the right decision. The contrast of the white cabinets and subway tile backsplash against the dark luster of Piatra Grey is absolutely gorgeous! In the end, it was a great experience and I am enjoying the kitchen I have always wanted.

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