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Tiina Treasure is a home decor enthusiast and a self proclaimed cheapskate. She's renovating her Brooklyn apartment and chronicling the journey on Instagram and her blog, Layers and Layers of Paint. Her apartment has been featured on Design*Sponge and is a hodgepodge of IKEA, vintage, and curbed finds. When she's not obsessing over the latest design trend she a doting cat-mom and an indifferent wife. Her husband approved this bio.

DIY Removable Wallpaper Install

When I last left you, I rounded up different removable wallpaper options that we were considering for an accent wall in our living room. I planned to use temporary wallpaper on the wall behind our desk to define this space and inspire creativity. I wanted something that would be graphic (but not too graphic) and noticeable (but not too noticeable). As always, I am the goldilocks of interior design.

I wanted an abstract print that would work well with various art choices, because I always knew I wanted to layer art casually on top of it. I’m going for a fancy, grown-up version of dorm room chic over here. Cute, right?

Image: Sweet Home

We live in a one bedroom apartment so there’s not much space for an office, but it was important to me that this space inspire creativity without overwhelming the room. Ultimately, I chose this wallpaper design by Kate Zaremba and away we went!

Unfortunately, reading comprehension has never been my my strong suit. So when I decided to install some temporary wallpaper in our house, I kind of glossed over the whole "instructions" section. Okay, maybe it’s not so much reading comprehension that’s my issue but more impulsive shopping. When the Kate Zarema wallpaper arrived it was not the big sticker I had imagined, it was a big stamp. Huh. The wallpapers are advertised as removable, and they are - but when I read "removable" I was really thinking "temporary" which is a whole different ball game.

I am no DIY expert. I’m more of a HireATaskRabbit expert. So when I realized that the wallpaper installation was a little more intense than I had expected (I felt pretty confident in my capabilities of peeling the back off a sticker) I got a wee bit anxious. Nevertheless, I decided to forge ahead- my impulsive shopping finger got us into this mess and I was determined to get us out.

To install the Kate Zambera wallpaper, you fully submerge it in water and then the adhesive activates. Like a stamp. Except now I just remembered that lots of stamps are stickers these days, so imagine an old timey stamp. It’s like that, EXCEPT HUGE. Terrifying, right?

If the thought of pasting a huge 2x8 foot stamp on the wall causes you to convulse, I’m here to tell you it will be okay. We installed two panels and I’m not going to lie, panel two went up a lot smoother than panel one. But, now I’m an expert and I can add "wallpaper installer" to my resume of special skills. So there’s that.

My big tips would be to make sure the panel is thoroughly wet and to have your tools (sponge, ladder, towels) ready at hand. We did our best to smooth out the paper and get rid of the air bubbles and then we crossed our fingers that the wallpaper would still be on the wall the following morning.

Spoiler Alert: It stayed up and looked a whole lot smoother the following day! My next step was to exacto the wallpaper around the trim. For those of you that love pulling up painters tape and seeing that crisp line, I can assure you that this processes was similarly gratifying.

Et voila! I loved the subtle contrast it provided and its quirky vibe. I tend to hoard "inspirational content" and I was so glad to have somewhere to showcase my current favorites. I love that I can change the art up easily (using washi tape) to whatever tickles my fancy.

One large scale piece would make the wall more formal while an organic collage would create a more laid back artistic vibe. Something for everyone. For now, I went with a little of each - I’ll call it a structured collage, which I’m pretty sure is also known as a gallery wall minus the frames. Regardless, it helped make this space a little less work and a little more fun and to me that’s an upgrade that I don’t want to be temporary.


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The Wonderful World of Temporary Wallpaper

It seems as though removable wallpaper is everywhere at the moment but the question I keep asking myself is, "Where was it 10 years ago?!" Seriously. How many failed accent walls can one girl endure? It’s about time we had a better solution. Now the only thing left to invent is a time machine so I can go back and wipe out all those foolhardy statement walls...

Source: Domino

My favorite thing about removable wallpaper is that it allows you to go bold while remaining temporary. Two characteristics that rarely seem to coincide. I love this look behind a mirror in a powder room (remember, less square footage equals less $$$) or in a small foyer.

Source: Decorpad

Here’s my two cents that can literally buy nothing. There’s no point in being shy about giving a small space an injection of color and pattern. No amount of white paint will ever make that cubby hole look bigger than it is. It’s physics. Or some other scientific field related to space and light. Better to keep the eye interested and moving around to give the illusion that the space is bigger than it seems. Wallpaper serves this purpose perfectly!

Source: Domino

That being said, some of us are just naturally adverse to patterns. If pattern-phobia isn’t a thing, it totally should be. Removable wallpaper allows you to dabble with this style before making a commitment. In this home, the homeowners covered the back of their built ins with a print to give an injection of style. Low risk, high reward. Even the most beat up paperbacks would look cute on those shelves.

Source: Brooke Wagner Design

If that still feels like too much, what about using a print in a space that rarely sees any love? The stair riser! Who knew stairs could ever be so glam?

Source: Architectural Digest

Kids rooms are another great space to go the temporary route. You know how they’re always growing out of things? Well, now you don’t have to stress out when they get "too old of dinosaurs."As if there’s even such a thing.

Source: The Pattern Collective

Lastly, I love the idea of using a print to ground a bedroom and create a visual headboard of sorts. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a floral print headboard rather than just some boring old wooden rectangle?

Source: Domino

Removable wallpaper can give your space that something extra to help take it to the next level. A lots of shops sell removable wallpaper these days and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that suits your style. Whether it be graphic, romantic, nautical or dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone - at least until you change your mind.

01: crystal wallpaper// 02: lemon wallpaper// 03: marlow wallpaper // 04: aja (khaki) wallpaper// 05: marbled grey and white wallpaper// 06: muse in mint wallpaper// 07: pink paisley wallpaper// 08: rose garden wallpaper


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DIY Bedroom Pendant Install

We all want the things we can’t have. Last time I created a round up of light fixtures to "set the mood" in our bedroom if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. So after careful consideration (re: obsessively thinking about something) I finally chose the Serena and Lily pendant. Which of course was on backorder until June. Womp womp. I wasn’t sure I could live much longer with this situation.

So I set out to hunt for something similar across the interwebs. I finally found a vendor on Etsy that sold something similar and we were back in business - and by business I mean the business of spending money to make yourself happy.

Image: VIWEI on Etsy

I knew going with a rattan fixture would increase the level of boho vibes in our bedroom. Personally, I liked that it harkened back to our Floridian childhoods filled with whitewashed wicker and an abundance of large scale florals. That being said, I live in New York City - so I knew I needed to "citify" the fixture. Being in a pre-war building, there was no better way to do this than with a little decorative moulding, namely a ceiling medallion.

With the light fixture and ceiling medallion in place, I just needed to sort out who was going to install this thing. Not I, dear readers. We all have our strong suits, and electrical work is not mine. I hired a sweet-as-pie electrician off TaskRabbit and he got the medallion and fixture up in an hour!

Et voila!

Or not. Once the fixture was installed, something felt off. An obvious answer would have been the symmetry because while the fixture was in the center of the room the bed wasn’t. But simple isn’t exactly my style. I wondered if the fixture was too high? Too boho? Too dark? My mind was spinning.

I realized that changing a light fixture felt a little like changing hair color. One day you go from brown to blonde and all of a sudden everything in your wardrobe just looks off. So I decided to give the room a mini-makeover of sorts.

I shopped the rest of the house to make the room feel lighter and brighter and more deserving of that spectacular rattan orb. I also rotated the bed 180 degrees and centered it under the fixture. Many thanks to my husband for not divorcing me mid-refresh of a perfectly good bedroom. He’s a keeper.

Suddenly the room felt light and warm. The fixture still managed to stand out without STANDING OUT and added texture and a relaxed vibe to the room. Centering the bed helped the scale of the room and made it feel like a more generous master bedroom. The white linen bedding, wood tones and pastel art kept the room fresh and earthy.

So that’s how a little lighting installation turned into a full bedroom refresh. It wasn’t the plan, but since when do things ever go exactly as planned? Certainly not when it comes to design. I’m happy with my little New York beach house and I think it sets the mood for summer fun. Now, if the weather would just cooperate...

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Bedroom Lighting Roundup

Lately I've been getting the feeling that our bedroom could us a little drama. No, not that type. I'm thinking more of the light fixture variety. But I'm also not going to complain over a little mood lighting if you get my drift.

Image: Ava Styles

When we closed on our apartment the bedroom had nothing but a bare bulb jutting out of the ceiling. Now we’re looking to upgrade (finally!) and I’ve been sourcing the web for inspiration. My goal is to get something that has a sculptural quality and interesting combination of textures but doesn’t overwhelm the space with "look at me-ness".

Image: Inside Out 

It’d be sensible to do something like a flushmount or semi-flushmount but sensible just doesn't feel quite like me. I’m looking for either a pendant or smaller chandelier that doesn’t drop too low and is wider rather than tall. Last thing I need is something I smash my head against while jumping on the bed like a very sensible 33 year old.

Image: SF Girl by Bay

Image: The Socialite Family

While all that glitters always catches my eye, I knew that I wanted something calmer and more neutral for the bedroom. I wanted drama, but not something that would keep me up at night. Here’s a roundup of light fixtures that I think fit that bill. I like that they bring some texture to the space but still keep the space quiet enough for sleeping. Plus, you know that mood lighting is going to be on point.

01: haworth 3-light globe pendant// 02: justina blakeney vela stratus pendant // 03: hutcherson 1-light globe pendant // 04: pacifica outdoor pendant// 05: sayan pendant //06: kouboo wicker ball pendant// 07: seeger 2-light globe pendant // 08: selamat designs boho tassel chandelier // 09: kouboo 1-light design pendant


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