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For the third year in a row Caesarstone is proud to present a unique installation designed by an international acclaimed designer, especially for the Milan Design Week.  “Movements” by Philippe Malouin, continues previous collaborations with Nendo and Raw Edges, this time with an 8-piece swing-set and a handmade group of planters.

How can a company, which has limited contact with the end consumer, build a reputation as a leading force in the design world? How can it challenge architects and designers to look at its products in a new fashionable manner? And how can it maintain solid values and at the same time push the boundaries of the field it belongs to?

The place to look for answers to these kinds of questions would be the Milan Design Week, and the company would be Caesarstone.

In recent years, Caesarstone began to refine its visibility to an audience of professional designers and architects. By exhibiting special installations in the Milan design week, considered the most important design event in the world, the company makes a bold statement about the significant role design plays in its core values. This is also apparent in the decision to approach designers such as Nendo in 2013, Raw Edges in 2014, and Philippe Malouin in the forthcoming 2015 Milan Design Week.

Movements by Philippe Malouin

“Movements”, designed by Malouin - a two-part installation that examines unexpected use of Caesarstone surface material and process-based design - will be on view at the grand palace Palazzo Serbelloni. The Palazzo’s grand hall will house an interactive installation made from an 8-piece swing-set created with the new 2015 surface designs. The adjacent room will host a handmade group of planters that documents Malouin’s process of experimentation with Caesarstone’s surface material and technique.

"When you take an industrial material like Caesarstone surfaces, that come in flat panels, which everyone just associates with flat kitchen counter tops, and you are able to work with it and make people forget it's a flat material, it transforms the vision of what people think Caesarstone is", says Malouin. “I guess it is just about having the possibility of being more creative with it. Changing the perception is extremely important and can allow other people to be more creative in their home environment".

“Movements” has already received rave reviews from trusted online publications such as Architectural Digest, Dwell, Design Boom and many more.

Islands by Raw Edges

Stone Garden by Nendo

That was also the case in 2013, when Caesarstone collaborated with world-renowned Japanese design studio, Nendo, who designed the Stone-Edge Table collection and the Stone Garden, and in 2014, when Caesarstone presented “Islands” by Raw Edges, an interactive installation focusing on food and dining within the domestic environment. “Islands” sought to reshape the typical interior arrangement by positioning the surface as the starting point of the design process. Raw-Edges founders, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, concluded by saying that "thanks to a rare creative freedom afforded to us by Caesarstone, we have carefully developed a conceptual interior, that we hope will influence the mainstream".

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