10 Clever Advent Calendars for the Holidays

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Images: (Left) Instants Papiers, (Right) Recycle, eh!

I don’t think I’m alone when I admit that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. The decorations, coziness, lights, and carols are all so uplifting. It’s not just Christmas though, it’s the entire season It’s the build-up leading to Christmas. Advent calendars celebrate this countdown to the holiday and add a beautiful tradition to the home. There have been some clever advent designs circling around lately and I have to share some of my favorites.

Advent Calendars on the Interior Collective
Images: (1) Craft Storming, (2) iVillage, (3) The Painted Hive, (4) Shop Terrain

  1. Houses. These darling houses come as a free printable and are easily hung on a beautiful branch as tabletop décor or on the floor.
  2. Mountain scene. It is such a clever idea to create an entire display for advent. Here it’s a combination of mountains, trees, and animals. So cute!
  3. Envelopes. Keep it simple with little envelopes with tags inside that are hung on a poster.
  4. Muslin bags. Each bag has its own number and is hung like a garland from a piece of twine over the mantle. Super easy and classy.

Advent Calendar Stockings on the Interior Collective
Images: (1) Oh Happy Day, (2) Pandarte, (3) 30s Magazine, (4) Iron and Twine

  1. Christmas tree boxes. I love this idea. Sweet trees adorn the tops of boxes and are garnished with a sweet tag done in calligraphy that you can download for free.
  2. Paper bags on a banner. This technique is great for a particularly skinny section of space. It’s easily hung with a piece of twine.
  3. Clothespins holding gifts. Use clothespins to hang sweet little gifts.
  4. Stockings. Make little stockings out of felt and hang them in a line over the mantle.
  5. Boxes. (top left) 24 boxes in different graphic patterns create a cool Christmas.
  6. Lunch bags. (top right) This is my favorite and possibly the easiest idea. Lunch bags are hung from a piece of twine against a chalkboard. The black of the board creates such a lovely dimension to the space.

Will you be making an advent calendar this year? Any of these catch your eye?

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