11 Unique Christmas Trees You're Going to Want to Try This Year

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Christmas is coming and I bet I know you’re routine! You’ll take your Christmas boxes out of storage, dust off the ornaments you’ve been collecting over the years, and hang them up to Bing Crosby crooning in the background.

Am I right?!

Why not try something new this year? Maybe go for that bright colored tree you’ve always wanted or try making one yourself! There’s no better time than the present to get creative and that’s especially true during the holiday season. Let’s take a look at some creative trees to try out this year.

Unique Christmas Trees on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) French By Design, (2) Best Design Options, (3) Our Vintage Home Love, (4) Media Cache

  1. Washi tape. Washi has become synonymous with cool and simple. Create a simple tree shape on your wall with some of this multi-purpose tape. It’s especially great if you need to conserve space.
  2. Cardboard Christmas tree. I love anything made of cardboard. I love the a-ha factor of transforming a simple cardboard box into something really cool like this stackable tree. You can even paint it or add decorations to it afterward.
  3. A ladder. This ladder was transformed into a Christmas tree with the addition of Christmas lights wrapped around it. So clever!
  4. Wooden frame. Create a simple Christmas tree silhouette with branches and then drape it with greenery and ornaments for a little something extra.

Unique Christmas Trees Decor on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Art Style Online,, (6) Scandinavian Retreat, (7) French By Design, (8) Digs Digs

  1. Striped Christmas bulbs. The colors for this tree are fresh and bright. Placed in rows, this tree goes from normal to wow.
  2. Tree in a basket. Scandinavians know how to create a simple yet elegant Christmas. This tree could be considered a bit Charlie Brown to Americans who love them large and in charge, but here it shines in simplicity and is placed in a beautiful basket.
  3. String. Create a Christmas tree on a wall with some string. Anyone can do it!
  4. Canvas chalkboard paint Christmas tree. This is another space saver that creates beautiful moodiness in a space.
  5. Unique Christmas Trees Pink and White on the Interior CollectiveImages: (9) Happy Roost Blog (10) Happy Roost Blog

  6. Pink Christmas tree. I remember first seeing a Christmas tree on a magazine cover a number of years ago and I’ve been mesmerized with the idea of doing it some day. It creates an unexpected touch to traditional décor.
  7. White tree with matching décor. Style your Christmas tree to the décor of your house. Here the sea blue bulbs match the window treatments and accessories. It creates a cohesive feeling to the space.
  8. Christmas tree in a vase. (top image) This is one of my all-time favorite Christmas images. The tree elegantly drapes to one side in a beautiful green vase.

What about you? Do you like to mix up your Christmas tree from year to year or do you keep it the same? What are you tricks to reinventing Christmas?

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