11 Ways to Add Wicker into Your Home

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Image: St Francis House

Wicker has a long and consistently popular history. The woven fiber material, usually made of natural ingredients but now often plastic, was used as early as the ancient Egyptian times. It was found in a number of common objects, like baskets and chairs. The trend lasted through ancient Romae and all the way through the Victorian and Arts and Crafts movements. A fun fact: in the mid 1800s, it was considered to be more sanitary than upholstery.

Today it remains a popular material for a number of household products and can add a wonderful patina to any room. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate wicker.

11 Ways to Add Wicker into Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Making It Lovely; (2) Sommerwhite; (3) Marta de la Rica; (4) Retour de chine

  1. Fun shapes. The beauty of wicker is that the fibrous materials can be woven to form a variety of complicated shapes like this antelope bench. Skilled craftsmen are able to mold the materials like a sculpture. Add something like this into your home for a bold statement.
  2. Wicker baskets. A beautiful way to organize your home is through wicker baskets. Use them to organize firewood or kitchen appliances. Hang them from a mounted hook for a polished look.
  3. Wicker bedframe. A lovely Bohemian look is accomplished with a wicker bed frame. This one, painted a lovely blue, adds beautiful eye candy to any bedroom.
  4. Rattan bed. This minimal, rattan children’s bed adds a sense of dimension to the room with its gorgeous color and organic shape.

11 Ways to Add Wicker into Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) CasaSugar; (6) Elle Decor; (7) Architectural Digest; (8) La Dolce Vita

  1. Bamboo shutters. These bamboo shutters in this gorgeous office give the appearance and feel of wicker. Combine it with a wicker bin to balance out the room.
  2. A series of wicker baskets perched atop a display case add a sense of stable repetition and functionality to a room.
  3. Wicker chairs. A more casual environment (perfect for a second home or vacation home) is created with oversized wicker chairs.
  4. Statement chair. This oversized statement wicker chair is a great conversation starter.

11 Ways to Add Wicker into Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImages: (9) Etsy; (10) Squeezed Daily

  1. Wicker accessories. One of my favorite ways to use wicker is through gentle, wicker accessories like these water pitchers. But careful, they’re also quite fragile!
  2. Wicker hanging adornments. These beautiful chandeliers and ceiling fixtures add a whimsical and unexpected detail to a space. Use them en masse and in different colors to add variety.
  3. (top image) Statement wicker piece. The top image shows a beautiful wicker accessory above the oven range creating a hearth-like feel to the room.

Do you love wicker as much as I do? How do you use it?

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