15 Best Wall Decals For Your Home

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Wall decals are the perfect solution for those averse to commitment. Whereas wallpaper and painting takes on a more permanent status, wall decals are perfect for taking on and off the wall. Best of all, they don’t leave a mark, making them great for rentals. Designers are now starting to take note of this convenience and are offering some fantastic options for everyone. Whether you are looking for one for a bedroom, office, living room, or kid’s room, there’s a great decal for you. Let’s take a look.

Wall Decals For The Bedroom

Bed Headboard Wall Decal
Images: (Top Left) Fab, (Top Right) Fab, (Bottom Left) Bubblews, (Bottom Right) Fab

I’m loving these decals being used as a headboard in a bedroom. They provide a great frame for the bed without adding extra bulk in the room. There are options for those leaning towards minimal as well as those who want to take it a bit fancier with a more Victorian frame.

Wall Decals For The Kid’s Room

Images: (Top Left) Etsy, (Top Right) Ferm Living, (Bottom Left) Pinterest, (Bottom Right) Etsy

Wall decals in a kid’s room are a great option over wallpaper and painting, especially when kids rooms change so often. There’s a decal for every stage of growth: from trees, to rain drops, to growth chairs, and even castles. Get creative and create an entire scene!

Wall decals for your whole house

Images: (Top Left) Ferm Living, (Top Right) Ferm Living, (Middle Left) Ferm Living, (Middle Right) Wall Dressed Up, (Bottom Left) Zulily, (Bottom Right) Pinterest

Decals can add a much-needed oomph to a bare corner or wall. Try a series of polka dots in a large or small scale. In an office you can add in a calendar or blackboard decal that serves a dual purpose in addition to decor. Or, add a little humor to your space by using a decal that mimics the purpose of an object like a series of cacti or a hanging birdcage.

Would you use a decal in your house? Where would you use it? Where do you go for your favorite decals?

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