2016 Pantone Colors of the Year | Rose Quartz & Dusty Blue

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Say hello to Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year. Breaking with tradition, the celebrated color influencers have gone with two colors rather than one, and for 2016, they’re predicting a one-two punch of soft pink (“Rose Quartz”) and dusty blue (“Serenity”) as the color palette of choice for designers. In honor of this yearly announcement (and because we are design nerds), we’ve pulled together a few interiors that make great use of pink and blue without coming across like a nursery or a Barbie Dream House.

Blue is a very soothing color so it makes sense to use it in often in highly-trafficked areas such as kitchens, where emotions might be running high during busy mornings. Darlington Group Interiors created visual variance in this design by using different shades of blue on the walls anchored with neutral Bianco Drift counters by Caesarstone. We love how the turquoise stools match the color of the tea kettle. A very simple detail, but very effective.

Here’s another wonderful use of light blue from a Caesarstone designer. JWT Associates updated this Los Angeles bungalow’s kitchen with powdery blue cabinets, Pebble counters, and a custom tile backsplash. Read more about this great kitchen in our  Designer Spotlight.

(Photo Credit: Coco + Kelly on Flickr)

Let’s move onto Rose Quartz. Pink is universally flattering no matter what your skin tone, which is why you will often find the color utilized in powder rooms, romantic restaurants and other places where putting your best face forward is important.  But be careful not to overdo it so you don’t stray into Dolores Umbridge territory. We love the light pink wall accents in the bedroom on the left. Matching them with white keeps the look fresh and non-Barbie. On the right is another pink room given edge with a few well-placed black accents.

 (Photo Credit: Joey Liu Interior Photography on Flickr)

This sophisticated design uses several shades of pink, including magenta, rose and salmon. It’s playful and over the top but still chic, especially with the hanging art behind the patterned headboard. The curved pole in the corner (despite what you may think) is a clothing rack, turning your hung clothing into a work of art.


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