21 Amazing Black and White Art Pieces

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Images: (1) Nama Rococo, (2) West Elm, (3) West Elm , (4) Dwell Studio

Whether you prefer photography, painting, or illustration, black and white artwork is easy to incorporate into your home. It mixes well with practically any color scheme, and complements other pieces of art nicely as well. Below are several options for various types of art. Hopefully you’ll find a new favorite among them!


  1. This is a strip of wallpaper, but works as art as well.
  2. Available in two sizes. The dark background and weathered finish combined with a simple, geometric design brings drama.
  3. Don’t we all wish our “rough sketches” could end up as display-worthy as this one?
  4. Silkscreened onto a silverleafed wooden panel, this is a nice play between modern and luxe.

Landscape and Architectural Photography

Black and White are for your Home

Images: (5) Artfully Walls, (6) IKEA, (7) Crate and Barrel, (8) West Elm, (9) West Elm, (10) West Elm

  1. Have a seat, will you?
  2. The Flatiron Building always steals the show.
  3. Does it say something about me that I’m incredibly drawn to stormy cloud scenes lately? This is incredibly beautiful.
  4. Leading lines draw you in.
  5. More leading lines, and more seats. An accidental theme here, I see. Still, a lovely photo, and a nice way to incorporate a sports theme in a subtle way.
  6. Forests of birch are so appealing.


Black and White are for your Home

Images: (11) Serena & Lily, (12) IKEA, (13) Artfully Walls, (14) IKEA

  1. A little whimsy, a little mystery.
  2. A Matisse print will pretty up your space.
  3. If you don’t have a green thumb, perhaps an illustration of a
  4. plant on your walls is the way to go.
  5. Really? More seats? (These are so cute!)


Black and White are for your Home

Images: (15) Artfully Walls, (16) Dwell Studio, (17) Dwell Studio

  1. The wide beam on the left of this young female figure signals she is not alone.
  2. So much movement, encompassed in broad strokes. This would be stunning on its own, or mixed among other pieces on a gallery wall.
  3. Another great stand-alone piece or gallery wall specimen.


Black and White Art for Your Home

Images: (18) IKEA, (19) Jayson Home, (20) Art.com, (21) Art.com

  1. Zebra-print fan? How about a photo of an actual zebra then?
  2. I wouldn’t normally think of an antelope as elegant, but this one certainly seems to be.
  3. My husband would love this. So would my kids. Maybe yours would too?
  4. Hello there, curious cat!

What style are you drawn to?

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