3 DIY Projects Every Beginner Should Try

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Ah yes, the beginning of your DIY journey. Welcome my new friend, I am Mandi and I will be your tour guide. Everyone has seen those incredible room makeovers that have an unbelievably low price tag. It’s really easy to look at these overhauls, get overwhelmed, and not know where to start. But that is why I am here. Today I am sharing 3 projects with you that are the best jumping off points into DIY land.

Paint A Piece of Furniture

DIY Desk
Image: Vintage Revivals

This task can be simple, or it can be really complex. It totally depends on the way you want your finished project to turn out. I recommend starting with something small like a nightstand or an end table. Use something that you already have, or pick up a newfound treasure from the thrift store. Once you have your piece, grab a few cans of spray paint, and go to town. Spray paint is the easiest way to get a smooth all-over color without worrying about brush strokes and texture. Use multiple light coats to avoid drippage, and make sure that it cures 100% before you manhandle it.

Spruce Up A Lampshade

DIY Lampshade
Image: Vintage Revivals

Target sells really great basic drum shades for $10-15. Pick one up and let your inner artist go wild. You have so many options for this blank canvas. A few of my favorites are trimming it out with ribbon, stamping or stenciling it, and covering it with your favorite inspiration fabric.

Make A Pillow

DIY Eclectic Bedding
Image: Vintage Revivals

If you have a sewing machine and can sew two straight lines then you are GOLDEN. Find fabric that inspires the crap out of you. Hit up thrift stores for vintage skirts with enough fabric for a throw pillow. That way it’s amazing AND unique (and you have a great story to tell!).

What is your favorite DIY? Let me know!

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