3 DIY Shelve Tutorials to Organize Your Space

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Shelving is one of those critical design elements in a space. Properly utilizing shelves makes a room feel more collected and homey. It lets you proudly display all of your found treasures. Built-in shelves are a highly coveted design feature to most; unfortunately, it can be quite hard to add them to a completed space. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite bookshelves that can be built and installed in one weekend.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Industrial Pipe Shelves
Image: The Brick House

Of course we have to kick off this roundup with these industrial pipe shelves by Morgan @ The Brick House. I am pretty sure these shelves single handedly state the industrial movement in design. They are AMAZING.

Fabric-Lined Shelves

Fabric Lined Shelves
Image: Emily A. Clark

Emily took an old book shelf and lined the back with some remnant fabric that she had stashed. I love this idea because you can personalize it to any space, and it’s removable!

Open Built-In Shelves

Built-In Shelves
Image: Vintage Revivals

I love projects that not only make a space prettier by just being there, but also actually fix something that is on the ugly list. My friend Hailee had a giant picture window between her kitchen and living room. I mean, how exactly are you supposed to decorate that?! So with a few hours and $30 we made it an open built in – it is still one of my favorite DIY’s to date.

Anyone feeling inspired to tackle one of these projects?

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  1. I love the industrial shelves!

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