4 Cheap Tricks to Liven Up Your Home

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You’ve decorated and lived in a space for a time, but then what? You get bored! It happens to all of us, even in the most beautiful spaces. Rather than take on a total design renovation of the space, save a few bucks with these four simple tricks that will immediately freshen up your living quarters.

1. Create a focal wall

Focal Wall
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Apartment Therapy

To fill the walls of your living space, consider an overall focal wall. A focal wall decreases the need for various pieces of art, which can often be quite pricey. Not only does a focal wall draw the attention to the bones of the home, but it also creates a cohesive feel to the entire room. There are several ways to achieve this: a mural, a simple painting job (like the chevron pattern above), or wallpaper.

2. Hang a textile

Hanging Textile
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Flickr

A beautiful textile on the wall can give a rich layered feel to a room, and can often tell a story. The American flag above adds color and symbolism to a room that, on its own, could be considered a bit sterile. The bold textile hanging from the ceiling of the image on the right shapes the pint-size space while adding visual interest through pattern.

3. Go all white

White Interior
Images: Planete Deco

An easy way to freshen up a space is to tone down the colors and go all white. Refreshing and relaxing, an all-white color palette is also practical—it can act as a canvas to display pieces of furniture that you might want to switch in and out of the room.

4. Add a punch of color

Color Accents
Images: (Left) Kate Collins Interiors, (Right) Chic is the New Black

So, perhaps you’re bored with your color scheme and furniture. Simply add a punchy color in a shade not currently in your palette. This can be done with a piece of furniture, curtains, lighting fixture, or rug. Or you could even repaint an existing table or upholster an old chair.

How do you freshen up your space when the going gets dull?

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