4 Classy Ways to Add Patriotic Spirit to Your Décor

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Holidays are a great time to reconnect with family and friends, take some time to relax, and reflect on the purpose of the season. There are a few holidays worth getting all decked out for. For me, the 4th of July is one of them; but, I don’t like holiday decorating to get too themey. Since I like to keep things a little bit sophisticated and classy, while still festive, here are a few quick tips for how you can add some festive yet classy 4th of July inspired décor into your home.

1. American Flag Wall Decor

American Flag Wall Decor
Images: (Left) Home Bunch, (Right) Veranda

Although American flags can certainly stay up all year round, I feel like there is something especially
summery about them. Hang them in a frame, or go even simpler than that and pin them directly to the wall for an instant pop of patriotism.

2. Simple Pillow Swap

Patriotic Pillows
Images: (Left) House Beautiful, (Right) Zazzle

My mother was one who would change out our family room pillows during Christmas to make our home more festive. Why not apply this same idea to the 4th. It's an easy switch and doesn’t require any semi-permanent changes, such as paint or new holes in your walls. I love the idea of mixing basic red and blue stripes with flag pillows - it keeps the overall look from being too themey.

3. Festive Table Settings

Patriotic Dinning
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pehr

If you don’t love red and blue as a design statement in your home, then another option is to only bring it out during meal time with red, white, and blue plates, napkins, placemats, table clothes, or glasses. Unless it’s a 4th of July picnic, it can be a bit much to cover the entire table in red white and blue for a simple breakfast or dinner; so, for those summer days leading up to and following the 4th, I love using just one or two of the above mentioned items at a time. For example, use red, white and blue napkins with neutral placemats, white plates, and clear glasses, or a red, white, and blue table cloth with your everyday dishes.

4. Patriotic Florals

Patriotic Florals
Images: (Left) Better Homes and Gardens, (Right) Better Homes and Gardens

Fresh flowers indoors and out are a perfect way to add to your summery 4th of July décor. I love the look of simple red flowers in a blue vase or pot; a mix of red and blue flowers in a white or clear container is also a great option. Adding miniature flags to the arrangement definitely gives it an extra boost of patriotic spirit.

What are your tips for classy 4th of July décor? Share your ideas with us by commenting below!

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