4 Fresh Color Palettes to Spruce Up Your Holiday Décor

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Traditionally, Christmas consists of beautiful shades of red and green. But, when seen year after year, the conventional color combo can become a bit tiresome. Why not spice it up with an alternative color palette that will feel unexpected and spontaneous? Leave classic objects like a tree, wreath, and ornaments but spice them up with fun color options. Here are some to consider.

4 Fresh Color Palettes to Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor on the Interior CollectiveImages: (top left) Heavens to Betsy (top right) Shake It Out (bottom left) The Hunted Interior (bottom right) Decorex


Replace your reds with pinks. In this setting, pink does not read little girl or ultra feminine but instead, fun and refreshing. It also creates a retro and glamorous feel. Try incorporating the color into your tree décor or ornaments. There are a lot of vintage options you can find on Etsy or Ebay.


Nothing says winter more than the color of ice, which is why blue is a natural color to consider this Christmas. Add in a clump of blue ornaments to your mantle or paint a bowl of pinecones to add in the various shades of beautiful blues.

4 Fresh Color Palettes to Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor on the Interior CollectiveImages: (top left) Country Living (top right) Smile and Wave (bottom left) Fancy Deco (bottom right) Etsy


A classy and clean Christmas is sure to be had when using shades of whites. It extends the snow from the outdoors into your home and can match the décor in any space. Hang some white wings or switch out your tree with a white one. Think about using all white lights instead of colored ones to make your space feel more cohesive.


Gold has earned its place in the spotlight over recent years and for good reason. It feels glamorous, bright, and sophisticated. I love pairing gold with more rustic elements like natural firs or pinecones. It also works well in more elegant settings where you can add it to a sophisticated table setting or mantle display.

What color palette are you experimenting with this year? Anything out of the ordinary or are you sticking with the trusty red and green?

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