4 Home Décor Items that are Better with Trim

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Image: Mary McDonald

A lot of clients forego adding details or trim to furniture and accessories to keep decorating costs down and allocate those funds to other, seemingly important, items in their room. When you need 32 yards of a $150/yard trim just to add a little pizazz to your drapery, it definitely begs the question, is it worth it? But if I told you that you could get the same pizazz with a $2/yard trim and a glue gun, the answer to that same question would be a resounding, yes!

What you’ll need.

Glue Gun Ribbon Thread Sewing Machine
Images: (Top Left) BBCrafts, (Top Right) Fine Art America, (Bottom Left) DX.com, (Bottom Right) Staples

There are three simple methods for adding trim. My favorite and fastest is the glue gun. However, if you’re an experienced sewer you can try hand stitching and/or using a sewing machine when applicable. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain some inexpensive trim. I love shopping for bargain ribbon or tassel fringe at discount fabric stores and of course online. Grosgrain ribbon is one of my favorite types of trim to apply and if you search around online you can find it for $2/yard in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Now that we’re all set, here are my top 4 home décor items that are just begging to be gussied up with a little trim.

Pillow Trim

Pillow Trim
Images: (Left) The Cinco Mom, (Right) Designer Pillow Shop

First up, pillows! Adding trim to pillows is like the little sugar dot on top of a Sprinkle’s cupcakes. The cupcake serves its purpose without the sugar dot and is still incredibly delicious, but the dot is what makes these cupcakes unique and allows them to stand out in a crowd. Let’s face it, without the branding of that cute little dot, Sprinkle’s would not be where it is today, and so it is with trim on pillows. There are a number of fun ways to add trim to your pillows, but some of them get a little tricky with crazy mitered corners and geometric patterns that go far beyond my DIY skills, which is why I love the example above; two simple lines on a lumbar pillow - a perfect and fool proof way to make your pillows stand out in a crowd.

Drapery Trim

Greek Key Drapery Trim
Images: (Left) Chinoiserie Chic, (Right) House Beautiful

For a long time, I never added trim to drapery, but then one day I found myself specifying a neutral drapery fabric for a client that needed a little punch. We eventually decided to add some bluish-green trim and I haven’t looked back since. It was mind blowing to me how two simple lines of trim changed the whole look of the room. Get out the glue gun and give this one a whirl, you won’t be sorry.

Lampshade Trim

Trim on Lampshades
Images: (Left) Houzz, (Right) Martha Stewart

Trim on lampshades seems like such a simple upgrade and yet, most people leave their shades plain Jane, myself included. It definitely dresses up the space, and is a great way to highlight an accent color in your overall scheme.

Furniture Trim

Furniture Trim
Image: Issuu

I know what you’re thinking; adding trim to an actual piece of furniture is way too risky. If you’re feeling a little daring, start out with something small or really inexpensive (a hand-me-down chair perhaps?). Use the glue gun and work your way around the base or bottom of the skirt slowly. Once you get that technique down, you can move on to more sophisticated trim applications, such as outlining the back of a chair or creating box detailing on the cushions!

What are your favorite ways to spice up your décor by adding trim? Try out some of our suggestions and let us know how it goes!

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