5 Beautiful Ways to Divide Your Room Without Walls

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Image: (1) Apartment Therapy

There’s nothing more frightening—or exciting, depending on your reaction—than a large empty space with nothing in it. You can do anything and everything, but just where do you start? When I go into such a space, I immediately think about how I would separate each function and give it its own identity. Dividing up a large room is almost the first way to start. Yes, you can do this by building walls, but if you want something less permanent and more adaptable, I suggest beautiful but temporary wall dividers that can also act as décor. Here are some of my favorites options.

  1. A trompe l’oeil curtain (top image). I love this clever room divider featuring an extension of the room and a gorgeous yellow sofa. In addition to the practical solution, it’s also a great conversation starter.
  2. Bookcase. A bookcase does a wonderful and functional job of dividing a space. It economizes wall space while creating cozy niches in a room. Pair it with some houseplants to freshen it up.
  3. Decorative separator. This woven wooden divider is a great idea for separating the space and creating a hallway. The open spaces of the woven technique create an airy feel so it doesn’t seem too blocked off.
  4. Rope divider. This rope divider is a clever way of creating an office in a large room. Though the rope doesn’t service a practical purpose as far as acoustics or privacy, it mentally creates a space.

5 Beautiful Ways to Divide Your Room Without Walls on the Interior CollectiveImages: (2) Smart Chicks Commune; (3) Chic Tip; (4) The Brick House

  1. Geometric display divider. This beautiful floor-to-ceiling divider is my favorite way to separate a space. It adds architectural interest and practicality.

5 Beautiful Ways to Divide Your Room Without Walls on the Interior CollectiveImage: (5) Pietro Russo

Do any of these catch your eye? Which ones?

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