5 Easy Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom

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Organizing a small bathroom can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of items that need to be kept there. Here’s 5 ways to organize the items in your small bath.

Utilize a Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are great for providing extra storage and organizing your small toiletries, like face wash, lotions, makeup, and toothbrushes. You can use tiny boxes for storing rings and other jewelry and long shallow boxes for housing combs, brushes, toothbrushes, etc.

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Functional Vanities

Purchase a vanity with a combination of both drawers and doors to maximize storage and help organize toiletries. There are also vanities with built-in lazy susans that help make use of the under-cabinet space and provide easier access to the items.

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Maximize Space inside Cabinet

Wire drawers like the ones in the below photo give you the ability to organize items by type or function. You can label each drawer by function or by name of each family member to give each person own drawer. You can also use inexpensive plastic boxes. You can stash anything from extra soap and toothpaste to hair products and nail polishes.

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Add a Bookcase or Étagère

If you have the space, a bookcase or étagère would work wonders in helping you organize your bathroom. Baskets, boxes, and glass jars can be placed inside the bookcase to organize your soaps, towels, and other toiletries. Bookcases or étagères also give you space to add fun decorative items and art.

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Use Tray above Toilet

Add a tray on top of your toilet to corral most used items. Glass vases and jars can be used for organizing your cotton balls, swabs, and makeup.

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Be creative with the space you have, whether its by adding drawers or simply rearranging your vanity.  You may find that you have more space than you imagined!  What tips are going to try in your bathroom?

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