5 Tips to a Perfectly Styled Coffee Table

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When it comes to decorating, I nearly always believe that if you fill your house with things you love, you’ll love how it’s decorated. However, there’s a margin for error if the certain combinations of items are not placed together. The coffee table is an example of a potentially great place to display the things you love and set the right vibe for your house.

A coffee table serves multiple functions in a living space. First, as the name implies, it serves as a place to hold a coffee cup. Second, it’s a place to lift up your feet and get cozy. Third, it’s a place to put your latest book on pause. Lastly and most important in this instance, because the majority of the time it’s not serving these previous purposes, the styling of the coffee table is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips for styling the perfect coffee table:

Coffee Table Tips
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  1. Use objects of varying heights—tall, small, and right in the middle. For example, a few tall candlesticks set next to a low stack of books or a larger floral arrangement next to a low bowl.
  2. Use a natural object. This could mean a bouquet of flowers, a pot of succulents, a branch, or a bowl of seashells.
  3. Books, books, and more books. The coffee table is a natural place to leave out your latest read. Gather some beautiful and interesting larger books for your guests to flip through if they have a moment to themselves. One of my favorite things is when a couple leaves out their wedding books. I love snooping! Stack them on top of each other in neat piles.
  4. Leave some negative space. Remember that a coffee table is still a place to kick up your feet and make sure to leave some room open.
  5. (See top image) Get creative with what you call a “table.” Sometimes the most interesting coffee tables are not tables at all. Slide two end tables together to create one longer table or group a few tree stumps together.

What are your favorite ways to style a coffee table? Is yours more practical or more for entertaining?

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