5 Ways to Accent Your Lifestyle With Hardware

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Images: (Left) Country Living, (Right) Pinterest

There’s nothing like a trip to the hardware store to get your creative juices flowing! I first noticed this about a year ago while working on a few window displays for the California Gift show. After coming up with a few concepts, I headed to Home Depot to figure out how to execute them. I then left with materials and ideas far superior than my original plans. Miniature garden fences became rustic window frames, and metal conduit became the perfect legs for my space-aged table. Even better, there are fun and practical ways to use your local hardware store for home decoration and fashion.

Here is a round-up of a few of my favorite hardware store applications.

1. House Numbers

Hardware Stairs
Images: (Left) Country Living, (Right) Pinterest

Metal and vinyl numbers can have sophisticated or playful applications. For a family with kids, I think that numbering the stairs is a fun accent. When first coming across this mirror I never would have guess those were vinyl numbers from the hardware store… genius.

2. Hardware Bracelets

Hardware Jewelry
Images: (Left) All Free Kids Crafts, (Right) Good Ideas for You

My sister was a counselor at a girl’s camp a couple of summers ago and brought me back a bracelet that she made herself using two simple items from the hardware store – rope and nuts. This is a perfect craft for kids and adults of all ages because of the braided pattern’s simplicity. To take a more sophisticated spin on the hardware store bracelet, you can also use a simple leather strap wrapped around your wrist and embellish it with a few chunky brass fittings.

3. Hose Clamp

Hardware Clamp
Image: The Nest

Don’t underestimate the hose clamp. It adds a little of that much sought after industrial vibe in a very authentic way. Just attach to simple mason jars joined to a board installed on the wall, and viola! Instant industrial modern storage!

4. Pipes

Pipe Hardware
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) DIY Network

Pipes are just so much more interesting than regular towel racks and book shelves, so why not use them instead? These are perfect for holding kitchen pots, pans, necklaces, and even jewelry in your bedroom – or just use them as a fun wall accessory.

5. Peg Board

Peg Board
Images: (Left) Savvy Design West, (Right) The Smith Nest

I recently installed a peg board in my office to hang all of my wood and paint samples, and let me tell you: it has changed my life. Add a coat of paint onto a simple peg board from the hardware store and you have instant function mixed with a splash of colorful decoration. They can hold anything from kid’s markers to kitchen utensils to gardening supplies.

What unexpected ways has the hardware store inspired you? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I love the pipes! Such a nice urban-industrial touch. I’d love to see these pipes in sophisticated room to add a bit of roughness. And I’m already plotting to spray paint hose clamps. Love.

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