7 Unique Shelving Ideas

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Image: Salva Lopez

The way you organize a room can greatly affect the mood and efficiency of a space. Though any type of shelving unit can greatly organize a space, there are some that can add an elevated feel and become a statement piece more than a simple tool for stacking books. Here are some unique shelving units to create allure in your space.

7 Unique Shelving Ideas

  1. The Design Files. This asymmetrical bookshelf is a far cry from the typical organizational unit. The asymmetry creates visual interest, while also doing the job. Try this out in a more modern home.
  2. Chic Tip. This floor to ceiling storage unit even has a built in desk, which expands the width of the room. This would be perfect for rooms that need maximum efficiency.
  3. Style Spell Book. Can you believe that these gorgeous shelving units were once basic Ikea? They were given a little makeover with some gold spray paint and now they look fancy and functional. Try it out in your own space!
  4. Remodelista. This triangle bookshelf in the General Store in LA is perfect as an accent piece and for displaying the store’s homewares.

7 Unique Shelving Ideas Image: Scandinavia Design

This modular bookshelf was put together by different shapes of boxes and assembled together from floor to ceiling. This is a great technique to use in a minimalist space to add visual interest.

7 Unique Shelving Ideas

Image: Being Jo

This technique is similar to the previous idea, except that the shelves are built in. The shapes are varied in length and width so it creates a perfect way to display unique items in this cool coffee shop.

(top image) This is my favorite one of the bunch! This simple bookshelf is a bit more interesting with a vertical shelf running through the middle. This is a great technique for those focused on smaller details.

Which one is your favorite look? 

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