8 Holiday Wreaths to Welcome Your Guests

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I live in a constant state of creative chaos. With a blog, online shop, and freelance design projects, it all tends to merge together into my not so large house. I have found that there are few things that make me feel like I’m not so behind on life. Exhibit A: a wreath. A wreath on the door is quaint and beautiful and makes me feel like I have a handle on life, even though what’s behind the doors is often a disaster. The winter holidays are a perfect time to take advantage of the lovely evergreens and berries to create some beautiful wreaths to tack on your door. Here is a collection of some of my favorite wreath ideas.

8 Holiday Wreaths to Welcome Your Guests on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Blue Zelia (2) La Buena Vida (3) Martha Stewart (4) Biz Bash

  1. Cranberry natural wreath. Natural wreaths are my favorite look. They are both understated and simple and express the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Cranberries use the natural Christmas colors to the fullest.
  2. Boxwood. I bought a fresh, thick boxwood wreath a couple of weeks ago and tacked it to my door. It feels so much statelier now!
  3. Half wreath. This is one of my favorite looks that you don’t see often. It’s reminiscent of ancient Greek designs. Held with a lovely bow, it feels very sophisticated.
  4. Leaves and fruits. Use the fruits of the season and add them into a leafy wreath.

8 Holiday Wreaths to Welcome Your Guests on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) The Ethical-Hedonist (6) Uncovet (7) My Home Decor (8) Studio Choo

  1. Mixed berries. Much like my favorite smoothies, a wreath is better with more flavors!
  2. Succulent wreath. Succulents are a beautiful alternative to a leafy wreath. However, you probably won’t want to place this one in a cold environment.
  3. Stack a few boxwood wreaths in various sizes on top of each other to create a green snowman. Add on some accoutrements like a scarf, hat, and mittens to really drive home the image.
  4. Baby’s breath. Baby’s breath was done wrong for so many years but don’t let it stop you from using it! Clump baby’s breath alone for a wintry effect.

Do you have a go-to winter wreath?

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