8 New Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

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You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Been there, done that. Right? Not for me! Chalkboard paint is one of those rare trends that could keep going until my grandkids have sent me off to a retirement home, and I’d still be on board. What is it about chalkboard paint?!

I think part of the appeal is the moodiness it creates. Dark walls are my cup of tea, and chalkboard paint allows for an ethereal quality. THEN, you tack on the ability to draw or right on top of the paint, and it’s the classic formula for good design. A totally customizable look from one jar of paint?! I’m down!

Like all trends, there are both trite ways to use chalkboard paint, and there are some more clever ways. Let’s take a look at some new and beautiful ways in which the paint is being used.

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  1. Chalkboard paint as a headboard. You could ideally create a new bedroom everyday if you wanted to by simply drawing a different style of headboard. Add on some frames and tack on some pictures.

  2. Chalkboard paint as wallpaper. Do you get sick of patterned wallpapers after awhile? With chalkboard paint you could mix it up from time to time. I love this Swiss cross design.

  3. Chalkboard paint on your fridge. I LOVE this idea. You can write up your calendar or grocery list, and it looks cool and uncluttered.

  4. Chalkboard paint as a hanging tag. This is a nice idea if you don’t want to commit to painting a full piece of furniture. This tag is created out of wood and then hung up to write notes on.

    Images: (5) Pinterest, (6) Home Decor News, (7) Etsy, (8) Real Simple

  5. Chalkboard paint in the pantry. If you would prefer to hide the paint, then simply paint the inside of your cupboard doors and peek in for a quick reminder.

  6. Chalkboard paint boards for a kid’s room. Kids are notorious for drawing on walls, so why not concentrate it to a specific area?!

  7. Chalkboard paint roll-ups. These painted hangings are both artful and practical.

  8. Chalkboard paint as a backsplash. Chalkboard paint can help organize your kitchen by labeling the items.

SO, are you done with chalkboard paint or just getting going? How are you planning on using it?

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