8 Reasons to Frame Scarves

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The curse of having good taste (at least I like to think I have it, as I’m sure many of us do) is that nothing ever seems to be in my price range. I would much prefer a real piece of art on my walls versus a print, but I can’t exactly afford a Monet or a local artist for that matter. One idea I’m attracted to is hanging larger items, likes scarves, as art. They’re substantially sized, beautiful, and begging to be put on display. Here are some reasons to display your scarves as artwork and how to do it.

8 Reasons to Frame Scarves

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  1. Show where you’ve been. Scarves can be a beautiful reminder of your travels. Pick up a scarf on your world adventures and frame it as a decorative souvenir. Place it with some accessories you’ve collected to complete the vignette.
  2. Boho scarves. A beautiful way to show your boho style is through scarves, but no one will ever see the full pattern if it’s wrapped around your neck! Unfold and iron it to show it off!
  3. Try featuring a full collection in matching frames on a big bare wall. I know I have troubles figuring out how to use a blank wall, and this is the perfect way to fill it using a perfectly scaled accessory.
  4. Elegant finishes. Display a lovely floral print in a gold frame. Pair it with equally lovely accessories for a classic and pulled together look.
  5. Tie the colors together. This scarf is displayed on a bookcase and frames the chair. The colors are pulled in to make the look cohesive.
  6. Handkerchief collection. Handkerchiefs are rarely used for practical reasons anymore so why not display them in a sweet vignette with matching frames?

8 Reasons to Hang Scarves

  1. A plain space can be given a boost of color with fun Hermes scarves. Plus, it keeps the space modern and young.

8 Reasons to Frame Scarves

Image: By Stephanie Lynn

  1. Accentuate the colors in a similar toned theme. The blue tones of the room are accentuated by the navy handkerchiefs.

Do you have a scarf collection? How do you display it?

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