8 Unconventional Ways to Hang Art

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Ok, you’ve splurged on a beautiful, meaningful piece of art. Now what? There are so many options! Do you frame it? What type of frame? Where do you hang it? How do you hang it? The options are endless! And because the piece is most likely an investment, you want to make sure you do it correctly.

The obvious method is to use a traditional frame hung on a wall. This is a classic and safe bet. However, if you want to make a statement with your art, I’ve gathered a few unconventional ways you might want to think about to create a beautiful focal point to your pieces. Let’s check them out…

Hanging Paintings
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1. Bookcases

This seems like such a simple idea, yet it’s so original. Just frame your collection in similar type frames, and then take out and rearrange shelves to create the right dimensions for your frames. Voila!

2. Windows

This is one that you have to be careful about. As a lover of natural light, I want as much as possible. This small painting smack dab in the lower middle of the window creates a wonderful focal point to the room with the light framing the piece.

3. Vintage Hangers

Sometimes framing is overrated. Here the artwork is hung on vintage hangers and lined up on a wall.

4. Stacking Paintings

Salons from the 18th and 19th centuries often stacked their paintings on top of each other so that more paintings could be seen in the painting academies. This would be a fun and authentic way of displaying a collection.

5. Using a Rope and Pulley

This contraption becomes a clever part of the art piece.

6. Using Two Shelves.

This two-shelf method is great for displaying a lot of art pieces while remaining casual.

Hanging Artwork Unconventionally

7. Hanging Art on Fabric

This bedroom scene is completed with a lovely portrait above the pillows. The painting takes center stage.

8. Resting on a Table

One large painting resting on a table. This casual approach to art screams easy-going cool.

What are some techniques you use to display art? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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