8 Ways to Decorate with Garlands

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Image: Glitter Guide

No longer just for parties, garlands can add polish, sophistication, whimsy and fun to your home. But it’s all in the application! Some garlands read temporary while others may stay for the long haul, depending on the materials and purpose. Some of my favorite garland applications are a temporary floral piece on a doorway like the top image, or a more long-term garland like the ones below. Read on to see some beautiful and inspiring garland ideas for your home.

By the way, the image above is from the home of Vancouver news anchor Tamara Taggart. It’s polished off with a beautiful floral garland above the door. Gorgeous!

8 Ways to Decorate with Garlands

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

This garland is draped over a sofa and reads like a personal display by showing some of the owner’s favorite things. It’s mixed in with some fun tassels for color and spunk.

8 Ways to Decorate with Garlands

Images: (1) Aida Mollenkamp, (2) Country Living

The garlands on the left work well with the décor of the space in a dusty pink and silver. Use the two together to add layers and variation to the space. I wouldn’t mind these being left up all year, though they’d also be perfect for a celebration.

This fall garland, above right, is the perfect celebration of the season with the fall leaves draped across the mantle. It fits the darker-themed décor of the room.

8 Ways to Decorate with Garlands

Images: (1) Pisaroita,  (2) Garnish Boutique,  (3) Design Love Fest, (4) Jelanié

  1. This simple scallop garland adds a dash of whimsy to a clean-palette kids room. Garlands are perfect for a kid’s room!
  2. This floral garland around the door is one of my all-time favorite images. The eucalyptus adds in a wild element, topped with the gorgeous roses at the top. The eucalyptus will remain good for awhile because they dry well.
  3. These draped garlands are perfect to take up a full way. The various shapes and colors add to the playful décor.
  4. Simple bunting goes a long way in this minimalist space. It adds fun!

Would you add a permanent garland to your home? Or are you more of a temporary garland type?

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