8 Ways to Design with Sectional Sofas

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I tend to find the standard sectional sofa a bit cumbersome. It takes up a good portion of a room, creating an awkward space to navigate in. Though it gets points for comfort and availability of seating, it’s usually not enough to tempt me to suggest putting one in a space. However, the well-designed sectional sofa wins the day with a combination of the right color, pattern, design, and feeling. Let’s take a look at how to design using the sectional sofa.

  1. Pattern please! In a minimally colored room, a fun patterned sectional creates instant personality and even separates the room out with the extension. This one, a basic sofa shape with an extended lounge seat, is a great solution to a long room.
  2. The rounded sofa. This brown leather sofa is a beautiful choice in a large room. The upholstery is rounded, thus creating instant comfort, and adds drama to an otherwise geometric room.
  3. The neutral. This neutral sectional plays well off the other minimal selections. With simple throw pillows it, complements the perfectly placed hanging mirror.
  4. Modular. This rectangular sectional is designed with a number of cushions that are stacked together to form one unit. This effect creates a unique look to the traditional image. Plus, it can be used in a variety of styles.

8 Ways to Design with Sectional Sofas on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Decor Dots (6) Design Sponge (7) Home Adore (8) Paolo Deliperi Architect

  1. Dark sectional. A dark sectional does wonders in a light space. It creates depth and rounds out the space. Placing an armchair adds to the circular movement of the room making it a great spot for conversation.
  2. Mellow yellow. Is there anything happier than yellow? This yellow curving sectional is mod, mod, mod. It goes back to a time in design when bringing people together for conversation was important.
  3. A sectional to fill space. With a long room like this, a sectional plays proportionally well. It fills the length, while also eliminating the clutter that comes from creating pockets of vignettes so that you can focus on the view.
  4. Outdoor sectionals. Outdoor furniture companies do a great job of creating modular pieces that can be arranged according to your entertaining needs like this combination.

What’s your opinion on sectionals? Love them or hate them?

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  1. such talented people. i ve always liked interior designing.

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