9 Painted Staircases to Inspire Your Next Renovation

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One of my favorite parts of any two-story house is the staircase. There is so much scope for imagination as it can be the most dramatic part of the house. Right now we live in a one-story house, so no stairs, but in my dreams we have a staircase that I’m painting. A painted staircase can add whimsy or sophistication, depending on the look you try. Here are some of my favorite painted staircases and why they work.

9 Painted Staircases to Inspire Your Next Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Fireflies Make Great Porch Lights; (2) The House That Lars Built; (3) Jaclyn Paige; (4) Justina Blakeney

  1. Painted grey runner. This grey runner on white extends onto the floor and adds a directional focus to the space leading guests around the house. It’s a great finding technique, especially if your house is quite large. The thin white stripe frames the inner runner for a finished touch.
  2. Solid staircase. A great way to add unexpected details is through a solid painted piece like this yellow staircase. The yellow adds joy and the solid technique creates a great focal point to the room.
  3. Similar to the framed runner above, this solid grey runner mimics the effect of a carpet runner without the hassle of vacuuming!
  4. Add a pattern. A patterned staircase, like this black and white diamond, is a whimsical touch. You can use pretty much any paint because the risers are not touched by feet. Feel free to use acrylics versus a paint that needs to uphold the wear and tear.
  5. 9 Painted Staircases to Inspire Your Next Renovation on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Making It Lovely; (6) Real Simple; (7) HVITUR LAKKRIS; (8) Beautiful Portals

    1. Solid paint. Solid painted staircases create a bold and graphic look, like this one here. It’s painted a glossy black on the tread and white on the risers.
    2. Ombre staircase. This blue ombre staircase is a lovely effect for a long staircase. It’s quite easy to do by simply adding white to the same gallon of paint.
    3. Decorative painting. Get clever with your painted staircase like these piano keys! So cute.
    4. Solid and romantic. This romantic look is kept consistent with the use of a robin’s egg blue. It fits perfectly with the dainty décor of the framed bird artwork.
    5. (top image) The blue runner created on the top image fits the light and airy décor of the space and creates a wonderful focal point to the entry.

    Do you have a staircase that’s waiting to be painted? Which technique would you choose?

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