9 Reasons Swinging Chairs Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

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Image: Oh Happy Day

When I was little, we would visit my grandparent’s house that had a spacious backyard. In the middle of a large city, it was luscious, green and full of nooks and crannies that us children would get lost in. One of my favorite spots was the swing area. We would spend hours on it! And, although it’s been years since I’ve been on a swing, swinging chairs are in and perfect for the kid in all of us! Here’s how to use them.

9 Reasons Swinging Chairs Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Saint Honoré Home (2) Villa Jipp (3) Design to Inspire (4) GAP Interiors

  1. Perfect for a personal library, this swinging chair allows readers to get lost in their own imaginations.
  2. A rattan-swinging chair adds depth to an all white space. Add in a ton of blankets and pillows for a comfortable hideaway.
  3. There’s nothing more “swinging 60s” than a swinging chair made of acrylic. In a retro style room, this is perfect for entertaining.
  4. Why not make a bathroom space fun and inviting for the kids? Add a swinging chair for pure entertainment.

9 Reasons Swinging Chairs Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) La Dolce Vita (6) Apartment Therapy (7) Lic-Rish (8) The Berry

  1. What’s better than 1 swinging chair? TWO swinging chairs! They fit the mood of the room well with their coordinating prints and moody vibe.
  2. This more tropical ambience fits well with the style of the lounging life in a beautiful rattan that opens to the outside.
  3. A more Scandinavian look, this all white swinging chair creates a sweet vignette with the other minimal accents.
  4. A hammock-type swinging chair is a perfect escape for the porch.
  5. (top image) This all-black bedroom is perfectly well lit and the swinging chair captures the abundance of light.

What about you? Would you ever hang a swinging chair?

Note: The Interior Collective believes in putting safety first. Please make sure to use safety precautions when buying and installing a swing in your own home. We recommend using a swing that is approved for children and working with licensed design professionals to ensure that the swing is installed correctly.

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