Beautiful Ideas for Your Staircase

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Many homes have staircases, but I think they are far too often overlooked. Sure, a staircases main purpose is to get you to a different floor of your home, but they have the potential to be more. They can easily transform into a great accent piece in your home. Here are four ways to add some beauty to your stairs.

1. Red Bubble.  If you have a staircase outside of your home, don’t forget about it! Flowers are an easy and perfect way to dress up stairs leading to your house and will give off a great first impression.

2. Pinterest.  On the other hand, if you have those beautiful wooden stairs and want to keep them simple, a pretty accessory to add is some soft lighting. My favorites are candles, but then you have to be careful. It’s beautiful, but probably not ideal if you have children...or are clumsy.

3. Pinterest.  I think it’s pretty common for most people to decorate their staircases with a garland during Christmas time or for a special event such as a wedding, but why not do it all year round? By picking flowers or other kinds of plants that are in season and making it into a garland, you can add a fun accent to yourstairs that you can change all year, depending on the season.

4. Real Simple. If you’re one of the lucky ones that has a beautiful wood staircase, consider giving the wood a whole new personality. Try painting the underside of each step in a bold color to really make them pop!

Do you have a favorite way to dress up your staircase?

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