Bring in the Bloom! How to Add Spring Flowers to Your Home

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I don’t know about your city, but in Los Angeles flowers and blossoms are springing up everywhere and I can’t get enough. Bringing fresh flowers into your home is the quickest and easiest way to transform a space so I wanted to share a simple guide to some fun and easy ways that you can bring spring indoors.

Where to Look for the Best Blooms

Flowers in Your Yard
Images: (Left) Pretty Stuff; (Right) Le Joli Collar

Perhaps that easiest place to gather up a pretty bouquet is at the grocery store. I feel like grocery store flowers have a bad rap, but for how convenient it is to grab a bundle on your way to the checkout line, you really can’t go wrong. The key is to stay away from red roses and the like that can often look like an apology bouquet for a lover. Instead go with simpler flowers that look more organic and natural in a space. My favorite places to grab grocery store flowers are at Trader Joes (generally a good selection for really great prices) and Wholefoods (a little pricier but an awesome selection).

Another option is to look up wholesale flower marts in your area. This is often more of an ordeal as they are generally in more industrial parts of town and may also require a membership, but you will be amazed by the selection and quality. I highly recommend this option for really special occasions.

Finally, don’t underestimate your own yard. Throughout the years I have managed to scrounge up foliage from every type of yard you can imagine. Although I am extremely lucky to currently have an amazing pink hydrangea bush and quite a few other types of flowers growing right outside the door to my apartment, I’ve lived in other places that haven’t been so well endowed but still managed to make something work. A bundle of tiny wild flowers can be perfect as a little accent. You can also just use greenery in a vase if there are no flowers to be found. Don’t limit yourself to just your yard either. When you see a blossoming tree on the side of the road, pull over and take some home. Picking your own flowers will give your arrangements a natural flair that you just can’t get any other way.

Convenient Containers

Flowers in Bottles and Pitchers
Images: (Left) Nest Pretty Things; (Right) Nest Pretty Things

My guess is that aside from actual vases, you have several things in your home right now that you can use as interesting containers for your new arrangements. Mason jars and pitchers are a classic option and I also like using glass bottles with the label removed. Because of the small opening, these are perfect for simple arrangements of one or two buds or a sprig of leaves. Small bowls and wood or metal boxes are also great options that may or may not need a plastic liner and some floral foam.

Had I not taken a floral design class in college, I don’t think I would have ever thought to use floral foam, but I use it all the time ever since and it’s really quite simple and a must when using shorter containers because they keep your flowers in place even when you have to use short stems. Soak your floral foam in a sink full of water for about 10 minutes with floral food. Then cut the floral foam to fit your container with a knife on a cutting board. The floral foam can be level with the container or stick up a little higher depending on how tall you want your arrangement. Then cut the stems to size and stab them into the foam. Water as you would a normal arrangement. It’s that easy.

Floral Foam in Bowl
Images: (Left & Right) Brush Crush

Displaying Your Arrangements

Floral PlacementImages: (Left) YS Voice; (Right) SF Girl by Bay

Creating vignettes out of your new little flower arrangements is the best part. I like to put flowers in a place in my home where I will see it the most. Currently that place is my nightstand and I like to use a small bottle vase with a few blooms that sits next to a table lamp and a stack of books. The center of a coffee or dining table is also a great option, but may require a larger arrangement or a grouping of smaller arrangements. This type of placement will transform the entire room because it’s at the center. Something that I’ve been doing lately for client furniture installations is to place a bouquet on the fireplace mantle. It’s a great way to give the arrangement some height in the room. Lastly, don’t under estimate the impact that flowers can have on your workspace. Having a little bouquet on your desk instantly makes all those things on your to do list not seem so bad after all.

What are some of your tips for a quick floral pick me up?

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