Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

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Image: Sköna Hem

A can of paint is one of the most affordable ways to drastically change the look and feel of a space. But if you're thinking you're limited to 360º coverage or a boring accent world, think again. The options are literally endless and can be anywhere from bold and creative to subtle and soft.

One of my favorites is the one above that shows how to set off an otherwise plain doorway. By extending the paint out a few feet beyond the jamb it makes the opening feel extra special.

Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

Image: My Scandinavian Home

This half painted backsplash is such a fun and playful way to add a dose of color to a white space. What I love most is that you could feel free to change it up as often as you liked because it's such a small space commitment. This treatment would also be great for a rental because it could be easily painted over again when you move out.

Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

Image: Lolita Magazine

Smart and elegant, this pinstripe painted along the base of the crown molding is stunning. The room above was adorned with a classic black, but choosing a brighter color would make a fun and playful impact!

Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

Image: Elle Decor Espana

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this beautiful space, covered head to toe in the same feminine shade of pink. I have to admit that I love this treatment in a color I would never gravitate towards for a traditional paint job.

Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

Image: Petite Passport

A wide and bold stripe running across the middle of a room's walls and ceiling creates quite the impact. Using a neutral makes it feel less shocking and more like art.

Clever Paint Tricks to Make a Room

Image: Hus & Hem

Maybe my favorite of the bunch, this washed out treatment was created using three similar shades of pink to create a waterlogged effect. While I like that this particular room has an unfinished look about it, I'd love to see another space painted entirely.

Do you have any offbeat painted rooms in your home? Would you?

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