Color Match: Concrete

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Image: Architonic 

I love everything about concrete. I love it as a material, since it can do almost anything and work almost anywhere. I love it as part of a structure and as part of an interior. I love it when it’s used to create fixtures, furnishings, and just about anything. You get the picture: I’m a big fan of concrete. Since I’m always thinking about concrete the material, and I have no problem seeing it used to make all sorts of things, I’ve not really given much thought about it as a color choice—until now.

Shades of Grey

It was when I first saw that image above, with the beautiful grey Eames chairs that almost perfectly matched the concrete floor, that a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that concrete is a terrific color for interior design. So I started exploring (as I do) and came up with a few other ideas to share with you.

Concrete as a Neutral

Color Match: Concrete

Design: Alexandra Federova; Image: HomeAdore

I love the way the color is used throughout this contemporary space. When it’s so prevalent in a room it tends to recede like a neutral tone, allowing the gorgeous warm woods to really shine.

Better Than Concrete

Color Match: Concrete

Image: Caesarstone 

Those first two examples were of spaces that had concrete as the flooring, which helps make the concrete color a natural choice. But what if you don’t have concrete flooring? Or, what if you’re a fan of the color, but not so much a fan of the material itself? Enter the smart folks at Caesarstone (, who for years have been offering a solution for those who want the look of concrete without whatever drawbacks that come with the element itself. This Caesarstone fireplace surround, mantle and shelves are the perfect solution.

The Illusion of Concrete

Color Match: Concrete

Image: Tom Haga

Let’s take the idea of loving everything about concrete except the concrete itself to the wildest possible place: what we wind up with is a whole wall of concrete that has no concrete in it. This is concrete wallpaper. Genius!

Are you a big fan of the color of concrete?

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