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Beds are meant to be comfortable. But I know I've been in some beds that I thought I may as well have slept on the floor. Beds can even be an eyesore on any room if you let them. Here are five ways I use to make sure my bed stays comfortable and beautiful.

A bed can easily be a big sloppy mess if you just wake up and go every morning. Be sure to make it everyday. A good-looking bed makes a huge difference in a room.

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People wear sweaters to keep warm and cozy, so why not do the same to your bed?

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The most important part is a real down comforter. I can't sleep well without one.
Most of the time I don't even use a top sheet; the duvet cover does the trick. More stores these days are getting on board with down comforters, so it is pretty easy to find a cover perfect for you! There's so much to choose from, whether you like solid colors or a fun pattern.

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I believe the right pillow is just as important as anything else. I prefer down pillows, but with so many different kinds to choose from, you need to explore to find the perfect one for you. Who knows what you could be missing out on!

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After you've made your bed comfortable, as well as beautiful, make sure your room is as well. The right lighting by your bed can help give your bed the perfect glow it needs to make it not only a place to sleep, but a nice focal point of your room.

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How do you like to beautify your bed?

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