Creating Curb Appeal with Unexpected Front Doors

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A fantastic front door can be eye-catching and improve curb appeal. It can also show your personality and make guests feel welcome before they even set foot inside your home. But choosing a color for the face of your home can be a daunting task and often it’s easier to play it safe.

We say your front door calls for a daring color selection. So instead of going with a classic white or black, opt for something bold, vibrant or unique.

Check out our selection of bright and beautiful front doors, porches, and entryways. Which color would you try?


Red can act as a symbol of welcome and spice up any street.


Yellow is a playful way to brighten up a house especially with dark siding or rich brick exterior.


Looking to add a pop of pow, look no further then lime green. You will definitely be the talk of the town with this zesty color!


If you like red, but don't want to make such a bold statement, a coral door could be the perfect fit. The fairer sibling of a traditional cranberry red, it’ll coordinate well with cool neutrals or bright warms.

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