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The farmhouse style has some very defining style choices that set the design aesthetic apart. Many can spot that lovely farmhouse style by the white walls (maybe even shiplap), simple, neutral décor, and definitely a presence of found objects.

What do I mean by decorating with found objects? To keep it simple, it means to take rather mundane or regular household tools or accessories and give them a new life as a décor item.

Some very popular found items to decorate with are ladders, buckets, crates, wheels, and pulleys.  However, it could be anything. I love to use found objects in my home. Here are a few ways that I have used this method of styling:

Some may see a ladder and imagine it serving only one purpose. I love to use ladders in my home. I hang blankets on them and I have even hung them on the wall horizontally as a piece of artwork. The negative space between the ladder rungs creates a whole new world of interest and design.

I also love to use old galvanized buckets and other containers. Here I have used an old chicken feeder that I came across in a junkyard. The simple lines and rust accents are positively swoon-worthy, in my opinion.

Antique dough bowls have become very popular recently. I often wonder if the person that used these in the past imagined they would be such a hot design accessory in the future.

I love to display some of my found objects on my farmhouse style shelving.  These old objects add so much interest to the space they occupy.

By taking found objects and using them in a different way than they were originally intended, you can create a fantastic space. The options are positively endless. I hope I've inspired you to add some found objects into your home!

All images by Sara Syrett.

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