Decorating with Quirky Accesories

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Image: High Street Market

To me, a perfectly designed space means nothing if there’s no demonstration of personality. Showing your personality in a room can be done in a number of ways, but my favorite way is through accessories—it’s what takes a plain, boring space and makes it shine. By identifying the types of things that make you happy you can discover how to create a space that reflects you. How do you do that? Read on!

Decorating with Quirky Accessories

Images: (1) My Desired Home , (2) Oh Joy! , (3) Etsy, (4) Anthropologie

  1. Use color in a new way. I know a number of people who have a color affair with pink. One way you could incorporate that into your space is through pink sheets or curtains. To introduce a bit more quirk into the space, try adding in a fun and beautiful object in that shade. This pink flamingo provides the perfect amount of color, while also creating a conversation piece.
  2. Faces! One surefire way to add personality into your décor is with the hot trend of faces! They have been applied to planters, plates, and artwork. It adds in instant quirk and whimsy.
  3. Don’t be too literal. If you’re into a certain hobby or practice, rather than choose direct representations of it, showcase objects that are a bit more subtle. For example, this moon crescent holder could reflect someone who is spiritual. These symbolic touches will make a space more livable.
  4. Scale. Quirky objects are found in the details, like these miniature forest bookends.
  5. Dress up what you’ve got. If you have a practical need for an object, add on another element for some spunk. For example, these stacked logs are taken up a notch when painted on the ends. How fun!
  6. For your eyes only. Sometimes the fun details of a home might be lost on a visitor. That’s alright! Do it anyway! This staircase is the perfect example. Notice the adorable cherries in the detailing. Perhaps only you will notice, but it will add interest over time and your guests will always be finding new quirks.
  7. (top image) Even if it means nothing. I’m all for a house that means something, but sometimes the best details of the home are meaningless. Add in a golden hippo just because you want to!

    Decorating with Quirky Accessories

    Images: (5) Tarafirma , (6) The Lettered Cottage

    How do you add your personality into your space?

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