Desert Living Style

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I’ve lived in a number of states and countries now and wherever I go, my style adapts to my locations. This is partly based on my new influences but also by the furniture and décor that’s available to me. I’ve moved to a place that’s more desert in feeling and once again, my taste buds have changed to reflect more of that arid feeling. What is desert style? Take a look below to see what it is and how to get it!

Desert Living Style

  1. Apartment Therapy. Oftentimes, desert style is characterized by mid-century furniture, as the 50s and 60s was its hay day. Cities like Palm Springs gained popularity during this time and much of the architecture and interior styles still reflect the era. To create the look in your home, pick out a few remarkable pieces that go with that era, like this beautiful sideboard here.
  2. Elements at Home. Desert style is characterized by white walls and tied in with neutrals like this room. The white walls gorgeously set the background for the rattan pendant light and sisal rug. The accessories are shades of whites and tans. It brings out the greens of the cacti.
  3. Modern Findings. On the flip side, use color in a mid-century palette like the clock shown here and the sky blue chairs. These bold primary colors have a retro vibe that flows well with the style.
  4. Destination: Macaron. Use cacti everywhere! Even in the bathroom! This is the number one accessory in a desert style interior. Use big and small in a variety of gorgeous planters to drive home the style.

Desert Living Style

Image: Apartment Therapy 

Going along with the last tip, don’t be afraid to use cacti to add large-scale proportions to your space like this large one placed on the sideboard.

(top image). Let the room breathe by creating a clean palette with white slip-covered furniture pieces like this sofa. It feels casual and relaxing.

Do you go for the desert style? 

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