6 Design Tricks for a Windowless Room

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A windowless room is a conundrum even for the most creative designers. It's truly mind-blowing how much we overlook the importance of windows in interior design until confronted with the challenge of turning a dark, claustrophobic room into an inviting and comfortable living space without the benefit of natural light. Although there is no substitute for the soft glow of sunlight through a window, here are a few simple design tricks for opening up a windowless room and creating a sense of sparkle and light…even when there isn't any!

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1. Put a mirror on it. Use a large wall or standing mirror somewhere in your design. Any light present in the room will sparkle when it hits the glass, and the reflective qualities of the mirror will add depth to your space.

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2. And some art!  Break up the long expanses of windowless walls with artwork. Large statement pieces are great in tiny rooms, but you can also create interesting vignettes out of smaller objects of varying height and texture. Think of the frames as standing in for the windows the room doesn’t have.

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3. Light walls. The most basic trick in the book is to paint all the walls in your windowless room a light shade. White and pale blue shades mimic the spectrum of natural light. If you're dealing with a low ceiling as well, paint the ceiling to give the illusion of height. A light colored area rug does the same for your flooring.

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4. Keep colors basic. Pair down your color scheme. Most experts recommend using primarily neutral colors plus one accent color max.  Even dark colors such as rich brown and slate gray look cheery in a windowless rooms when paired with an overall neutral palette.

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5. Decorate with shiny objects. Use metallic and glass objects as decorative accents to add sparkle to the space. Silver candlesticks, a metallic serving tray, vases or art made out of colored glass are all great options. They’ll catch any beams of light zipping around the room and draw admiring eyes from your guests.

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6. Re-design the lighting scheme. This is an extreme solution, but it may be exactly what your windowless space to come alive, especially if you find that light tends to pool in one area of the room. Any dark areas will look darker in contrast, shrinking the size of your room in the eye of the beholder so do your best to ensure there’s light in every corner. If you’re not prepared to undergo a full lighting re-design, try moving a few lamps around. You might be surprised at how much bigger the room looks with a few basic tweaks.

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