Designer Spotlight: Pedini Calgary

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For over 50 years, the people at Pedini Calgary have done one thing really well: kitchen design. Pedini Calgary applies its unique design language to kitchens worldwide to create jaw-dropping kitchens with one-of-a-kind grace and craftsmanship. Don’t take our word for it, see some of their work below!

As one of Pedini’s standard product lines, it is fitting Dune shares a name with the classic Sci-Fi novel! The all white and aluminum aesthetic feels super-futuristic, right down to the handle-less cabinetry and the Caesarstone countertops.

From all white, to a richer palette like this, the Pedini workbook is filled with inspiring projects. We love how this kitchen comes together! The Concrete counters combined with grey and dark wood cabinets create a rich environment without becoming too dark. Add a couple of plants and decor and it becomes a kitchen anyone would love.

This kitchen illustrates the quality Pedini brings to every project. Contrasting against the industrial theme created by a metallic backsplash and neutral Ceasarstone counters, the beautiful cabinetry really stands out. Plus, we absolutely love how the wood grain creates continuity in the space by matching with the doorframe at the entryway.

Located on the beautiful Okanagan lake in British Columbia, Pedini Calgary really did something special with this modern European-style residence. This kitchen is a dream, featuring more storage and counter space than we would know what to do with! The centerpiece of the kitchen is not one but two islands—one finished in wood and the other finished with sleek Concrete—which are as jaw-dropping as they are functional.

Believe it or not, this kitchen is in the same house (I know, we’re jealous, too)! The color scheme here is just right: cool blues, warm chocolates, and neutral counters that would all work well in any kitchen. Of course, here they pair exceptionally well with the stunning green and blue backsplash, which adds a pop of personality to an otherwise neutral design.

Considering there are two stunning Pedini kitchens in this beautiful lake home, we’d like to volunteer to visit the owners and help put the spare kitchen to good use. Maybe this weekend? Just let us know what time works in the comments!

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