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With the colder fall weather comes a need to make your home a little cozier. You don’t have to completely re-do a space to welcome autumn. DIY projects are great ways to add subtle accents to your home that you can change for every season. Here are six of my favorite’s:

I don’t think you would typically think of what’s cooking on the stove as home decor, but it totally can be! When I think of fall I think of very specific smells. Homemade potpourri awesome way to incorporate these smells into your home. You can keep making it throughout the season to add some wonderful aromas and beautiful decor to your home!

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A super easy, but also really cute DIY item is a pine cone garland. Pinecones are everywhere during fall and all you need is some paint and they’ll look pretty cool. 

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Leaves are not just for fall, but we all know of those certain trees that seem more autumn than others. Find some of those leaves and make them into clay bowls! You can use them to hold trinkets around the house or even just for display.

Once the leaves have changed color, find an assortment of kinds and colors and press them into art! You don’t even need to frame them for your work to look gorgeous. 

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Blankets are an obvious go-to for instant added comfort to a home. Make a personalized one that is super simple. The flannel plaid will be super comfy and perfect for the new colder weather. 

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This durable DIY painted cloth I made is a great autumn picnic blanket. Feel free to use it in your home too as a tablecloth for a party or a tapestry on display.

What DIY crafts are you planning to make for autumn?

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