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The holidays are my favorite time of year to entertain and create beautiful place settings or tablescapes. Instead of gifts, I'm a big fan of experiences and quality time. I'd much rather share a home cooked meal with friends and family, enjoy a delectable dessert, sip a nice bottle of wine or favorite cocktail, and engage in good conversation. That means so much more to me than any gift. Therefore, when I'm hosting... I like to put a lot of thought into the visuals and tablescape. It's a lot like the meal- the more care and energy that goes into it, the more special. Click through for a 15 minute DIY that will make all the difference in your place settings: dip-dyed napkins.

This is one of my favorite easy projects to date! Once you do this, you'll probably want to make more because it's actually really fun.


Step 1 // Prep the fabric. Soak the fabric in cool water until it is completely wet. This allows the fabric fibers to open up and absorb the dye.

Step 2 // Prep the dye bath and give it a dunk. Using the instructions on the side of the dye package, mix salt, hot water, and dye. Once the mixture is well combined, give your fabric its first dunk. I opted to only dip the ends of the napkins, but feel free to get creative!

Step 3 // Check the saturation. I wanted my napkins to have a really deep, saturated hue. Therefore when I pulled my dye out of the bath, I opted to dip it once more. You can keep dipping the fabric until it's the color you desire.

After the second dip, I was happier with the coverage. In an effort to keep the color as deep as possible, I let the napkins sit saturated in dye for about 30 minutes prior to rinsing.
Step 4 // Rinse the fabric and hang to dry. Lastly, rinse the fabric with cool water until the water runs clear. Hang your fabric to dry and that's all there is to it! You'll obviously want to wash these with like colors to prevent bleeding the first few times, but I've never had an issue with the color fading too much.

I ended up using these for a holiday tablescape/dinner with my girlfriends (sadly I didn't shoot the finished table). I snagged some super chic flatware from Amazon that really pulled the entire look together.

The napkins took 15 minutes of work- at most- and the result is gorgeous! Plus, the dying process is really fun. I'll take any excuse to play with pretty textiles and pigment.

Are you guys entertaining this holiday season at all, or planning to go elsewhere? If you're not hosting, these also make a great gift for the person who is!

If you're interested in more fabric dying DIY projects, check out these gorgeous shibori cushions I dyed a couple years ago. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

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