DIY Lighting Ideas: Use these Hardware Store Finds to Create Unique Lighting

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Image: Murray Mitchell

Every day, while looking through the interior design sites I follow, I like to keep an eye out for unusual lighting – I never know where I might find the next brilliant idea. So when I found these great examples of creative lighting, and realized that all of them are the type of thing you can create yourself from the local hardware store, I knew I had to share them with you.

Both a DIY lighting project and a pretty bold statement piece, this wall of mechanic’s lights (shown above) is not for the faint of heart. Never fear however, these work lights can be used in groups or individually. I can imagine having one on either side of a bed as a pair of industrial sconces.

Socket Splitters

Socket Splitter Chandelier
Image: Mcakapar

This is one of my favorite DIY lighting tricks – using socket splitters to create a one-of-a-kind chandelier. The reason this appeals to me so much is that it’s completely individual and can grow over time. It’s amazingly simple; all you need are multiple socket splitters – no advanced electrical knowledge required!

Advanced Option

Brass Lighting
Image: Alexis Birkmeyer for Anthology

This solution – made of brass electrical fittings and porcelain sockets – is one that not every DIY-er will have the ability to pull off. So, if it’s as appealing to you as it is to me, consider partnering with a qualified electrician to make it come to life. This is another creative option that would be as welcome on a wall as it is on this ceiling.

Easy Does It

White Bathroom with Custom Light
Image: Matthew Millman for Remodelista

Finally, we’re back to the kind of idea that may be something you can do yourself – especially if you already have an installed fixture similar to the one shown. All this needs are specialty bulbs to make it into something unique. Hardware store, here I come…

How have you gone creative with DIY lighting in your home?

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