DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

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Are you looking for a way to brighten up your space this spring?  My favorite way to brighten any space is with some plants.  We are seeing some real dreary winter days here where I live so I needed to install some life ASAP.

I also wanted something different and unique.  Are you familiar with macramé?  I am sure you are, but if not, it’s a textile style with knots instead of weaving or knitting.  It has become increasingly popular over the years and it’s a great way to hang and display plants.

Start with rope, twine, or yarn. I used twine since it is easy to work with, strong, and has the perfect color.

Cut 8 pieces of twine to the length you need to hang it. You will want to measure how long it needs to be before you hang it. Then add an extra foot to account for the knot details.

Take the 8 twine lengths and tie them all into a knot at the top.

Lay out the knot and separate the twine pieces into pairs. There will be 4 pairs.  Then tie the pairs together about 3 inches down from the main knot.

Start with one of the knotted pieces and take the right piece of twine from the knot and grab the left piece from the one to the right of that piece. Does that make sense?

Now repeat that step for all the pieces.  You will end up with 4 diamond shapes.

Now repeat that step again, and make the knots a little lower down on the twine so that it creates a larger diamond shape.

Since I was making this for a bowl, I was able to get away with tying three rows and then inserted my bowl.

If you are using a taller planter or jar, you may want to add a few more rows.

I fed my bowl into the tied macramé, adjusting it as needed.

I tied all the pieces together at the top of the bowl, leaving plenty of space to add the plant and give it room to grow.  This is totally a personal preference.

Now tie the end of the twine.

I installed a hook in my ceiling and then hung the knot from there.

And ta da!  It’s all done.

I love the way this hanging macramé plant holder looks in my living room.  It is a fun addition and it brightens up the room.

Try one for yourself!

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