DIY or Hire Out?

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 Thanks to the budding romance between HGTV and Pinterest, a new lovechild was born—DIY. Unfortunately, the two lovers had another kid that eventually outgrew the first one; they named her “DIY Fail” and she has since spawned many offspring.  Have you been a part of propagating this lineage? True, you can save some cheddah, but the never-ending stream of “Pinterest Fails” beckons you to tread carefully. So, how do you know when to turn in the hammer and just hit up your local general contractor?

1. Do you intend to sell?

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, making sure things are done correctly the first time is important. This can be the difference between an offer and a customer walking away.

Hiring professionals with years of experience and all the right tools usually works in your favor—not to mention, they usually provide a warranty which is transferable to the new buyers. On the other hand, if you’ve got the time and the “know-how,” applying your creative juices to your own space not only saves you dolla-bills but it can make your house stand out against the competition. 

2. Time is money—how much of it do you have to spend?

We’ve learned the hard way over the years by spending waaaay too much time attempting to do things ourselves trying to save a buck.  But 8 times out of 10, we could’ve saved way more by simply hiring a professional to knock out the job in a fraction of the time! 

Often, we have to spend extra time learning the basics, buying the necessary tools and then doing (and redoing) the actual work.

The creative process is rewarding and enriching, but it doesn’t always make sense in every context.  ANY TIME you attempt a DIY project, take the allotted hours/budget and double it…no, triple it. 

On the flip side, Chayce and I have also been able to save lots of money by demoing, painting, tiling and staging on our own—the less skill-intensive tasks.

3. Do you have any experience?

The advent of the YouTube age has produced millions of great tutorials that enable normal people to do amazing things. And while we love the spirit of this movement, we also recognize its limitations. 

Turning an old pallet into a headboard is a great place to start but rewiring a new addition may be better approached after you have some more experience under your belt.

At the end of the day, we are always quick to say that it’s not our intention to take the wind out of your sails; we just want to point out a few things to think about before you begin. So you do you, and don’t listen to the haters!

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