An Easy Laundry Room Refresh

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It's hard to believe 2018 has gone by so quickly. With the end of the year holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start prepping our homes, fixing those ignored areas and updating the out-dated for the festive dinner parties and family get-togethers we all plan to host. Nothing seems to motivate us more than houseguests, am I right?

Whether you live in a new construction home or a well-loved pre-21st century fixer-upper, or are an owner or renter, there are lots of easy and affordable ways to get your home ready for the holidays. Beyond a big costly renovation, sometimes all you need is a superficial fix. My favorite solution when clients ask "How would you update this kitchen (or bathroom or laundry room...) without ripping anything out?" is to offer up the idea of swapping out their existing hardware.

Ranging from modern to traditional, in a plethora of finishes, hardware can elevate a plain-Jane room from basic to outstanding in a short afternoon project.

Take for instance our laundry room. When we moved in, it was new, clean and by all accounts, fine. White cabinets, wood-like formica countertops, brushed nickel knobs and neutral tile.

While I'd eventually love to update the countertops to Caesarstone's Pure White quartz, I knew we had a limited budget for this space and would have to rely on new brass hardware to achieve the modern vintage-laundromat vibe I going for.

It's amazing how extra special this room now looks thanks to the addition of a penny tile backsplash, vintage runner, capiz light fixture and aged brass knobs and bin pulls. While I still have a love/hate relationship with the copious amounts of laundry my family produces, I do love being in this room more than I ever thought possible.

Is there a space in your home that you think could benefit from a cabinet hardware update?

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