Everything But the Kitchen Sink

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Accessories in the kitchen can make a well-designed space look even better, and can distract from a multitude of sins in a kitchen that might need a little updating. If you need a dishtowel, make it a cheery one! Like cooking with fresh ground pepper? Add a colorfully designed pepper mill to your counter! Below are some fun finds for the kitchen that add style as well as function.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

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  1. Warm metals like copper are on-trend right now, and these soap dispensers are an easy way to bring a little dose of that trend in to your kitchen.
  2. Add some pepper with some pep.
  3. Check, please!
  4. This is meant for baby bottles, pacifiers, and the like, but it will hold small dishes and glasses too.
  5. Boxy and modern knife storage gets your knives out of the drawer and ready to go.
  6. Paper towels aren’t the most exciting things in a kitchen design-wise, but they sure are handy to have within reach. A simple, earthy holder is a nice way to store a roll.
  7. Easy as pie!
  8. Bring a little diner style to your kitchen with this great dishtowel.
  9. Even if you don’t typically write recipes out on cards, you might just be tempted to because these are so adorable.
  10. Yes, a bread box really does do something besides look cute on your kitchen counter. Your bread will stay fresh for much longer!
  11. If you like to keep a few cooking utensils within easy reach, these ceramic crocks are a stylish way to corral them.
  12. Another stylish option for storing knives, this time with a more rustic look.

What would you add for a dash of style to your kitchen?

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