Farmhouse vs Modern Designs

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Specht Architects- Misty Carrera

Farmhouse and Modern are two aesthetics that are equally fun to live in and to design. However, they are very different from each other, which is why I am going to be showing you a few of differences between the two. To accomplish this, I will be comparing a modern kitchen to a farmhouse kitchen.

Ohashi Design Studio- Pure White

Clark & Co Homes- Statuario Nuvo

Both of these kitchens are gorgeous! The first thing that my eye goes to in each of these photos are the cabinets. Cabinet style is a dead giveaway for an aesthetic. Modern cabinets are more often than not going to be sleek with little to no wood design. As you can see in the modern kitchen, the cabinets are completely smooth. However, in the Farmhouse kitchen the cabinets are gallery- style with a crisscross wood design. Speaking of this crisscross design, notice that the cabinets are not the only thing to feature this detail. You can also see this detail in the end of the island! This design is very common in the Farmhouse aesthetic.

Robert Kerr Architecture Design- Pure White
Jennifer Ferrandi Design- Ocean Foam

My eye instantly goes to the difference in walls for these two kitchens. White wood paneling is featured in this farmhouse kitchen whereas the modern kitchen’s walls are clean. Again, the difference in wooden details is a big giveaway.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the biggest and most evident difference between these two aesthetics is the degree of “sleekness.” You will find more clean aka smooth surfaces in a strictly modern home than you will in a farmhouse styled home. Also something to note, these two aesthetics are perfect for mixing and matching! My favorite way to mix these aesthetics is by starting with a Modern foundation and adding dashes of Farmhouse. For example adding opening shelving like the ones you see in the second image of this post is a great way to mix that farmhouse feel into your modern space.

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