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Images: (Top Left) Honest to Nod, (Right) Elle Decor, (Bottom Left) Down to Earth Style

Sometimes it’s the riskiest design decisions that transform a room from good to great. This is exactly how I feel about painted ceilings and floors. Painting your walls is low risk. I do it everyday when working with clients – it’s an easy sell. What isn’t such an easy sell is convincing them to paint their ceiling. People often ask, “…but won’t it feel like a cave?”, “…won’t it make the room feel smaller?”

What’s even more difficult is convincing them to paint their floors, "…but this wood dates all the way back to 1990!” “…but I won’t ever be able to get them back the way they were if I change my mind!”

My response to these (questionably) valid concerns is always: painted floors and ceilings are awesome so do it anyway!

To plead my case I’m going to need the help of some strong visuals. So, without further ado…

Floors with Pattern (and Pizazz!)

Painted Pattern Wall
Images: (Left) Mary McDonald via Pinterest, (Right) Mary McDonald via Cote De Texas

Of course it calls for the right personality and the right interior, but no one can argue with the drama and cool factor that these patterned painted floors add to each space. Using a design on your painted floors, whether bold or muted, allows you to incorporate multiple colors into your design. Or try an accent color with a little more punch, toned down by a white or neutral color in the background.

Pop of Solid Color

Painted Pattern Wall
Image: Pinterest

If you want to baby step your way into trying the patterned painted floor, I recommend starting out with a solid color in one room of your house that has defined doorways, such as the kitchen pictured above. White is a great neutral that looks great with everything and is the perfect beginner color if you can’t quite decide. But look how stunning this green option is! Without it, this kitchen would be pretty, but it would lack color and interest.

Painted Stairs

Colored Stairs
Images: (Left) Elle Decor, (Right) Katie Brown

Forget the runner, add a pop of interest and color by painting your stairs instead. This option lends itself best to casual cottage or coastal interiors, as shown in the interiors above. Blue and aqua are the perfect accent to the otherwise white painted floors.

Solid Painted Ceiling

Colored Ceiling
Images: (Left) House Beautiful, (Right) Elle Decor

Clients may be afraid of the “cave-like” effect when painting their ceiling, but I prefer the term “cozy-cocoon” instead. Painted ceilings have the biggest impact when the walls are light or muted and the ceiling is where you find the punch of color. Whether you use a high gloss finish, paint bead-board, or keep it simple and just use an eggshell finish on a plain ceiling, it’s an awesome way to use some of those brighter, bolder, hues that you love, but don’t necessarily want staring you straight in the eye when used as a wall color.

Patterned Ceilings

Patterned Ceiling
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Pinterest

If you’re feeling brave and it’s in the budget, add a little pattern to your painted ceiling. It’s especially perfect for kid’s rooms and more modern spaces, and it is much less of a permanent fixture than adding wallpaper or architectural details.

What color would you use to paint your floors or ceilings? Comment below and let us know!

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